August 8G 6W 2L ‘on the rise’…Coach Kang Myung-hyun, “Thanks to Pedi & Son Ah-seop for doing a good job consistently” [Incheon Tok Tok]

“We need to organize the starting lineup.”

The 11th game of the season between SSG and NC, scheduled to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Tuesday, was canceled due to the effects of Typhoon Kanun. The KBO announced the decision to cancel the game at 3:37 p.m. in Incheon, as well as the games against Samsung Doosan in Jamsil and KT in Suwon.

In Incheon, players packed their bags and prepared to 카지노“go home” after the announcement. However, instead of going home, they trained and then boarded the bus to Suwon.

Before returning home, head coach Kang In-hwa reflected on the recent matches and said, “Each game is important. First, we need to solidify our starting lineup,” he said, adding, “Eric Peddy is doing a good job, and the batters are doing a good job, so I think we’re doing well (in the standings).”

NC was as low as sixth place in May, but has been winning games and competing in the top five. In August, they ended a three-game series against Busan Lotte on Aug. 1 with a sweep. They then returned to Changwon and swept the home three-game series against Kiwoom.

They lost 1-2 to SSG on the 9th, but won 2-0 on the first day in Incheon to finish 1-1. They are now 6-2 in August. However, Kang continues to worry about the starting lineup.

“The starting lineup is not clearly organized,” Kang said, looking at the teams competing for the top five. “KT has a very solid starting lineup. The KIA Tigers have a very good batting lineup. So we can’t predict the next schedule. That’s why every game, every game is important.”

Nevertheless, there is also faith. “Pedi has been doing a great job anchoring the starting lineup, and Son has been doing his job in the batting order. In the second half of the season, Martin has also regained his form and is doing well.”

“All the players are doing well,” Kang said. With that strength, we can fight for the rankings now.”

NC will travel to Suwon KT Wiz on the 11th. Kang announced Shin Min-hyuk as the starting pitcher on the first day of the trip to Suwon.

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