‘Aiming for the Pohang Goal’ Hayes “Let me show you Jeju Forest Celebration”

Jeju United have hit a late-season bump in the road and are on a three-game winning streak. After drawing against Gangwon, they now face the FA Cup quarterfinals. It’s a back-to-back that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Jeju will face Pohang in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Hana OneQ FA Cup at Jeju World Cup Stadium on August 9 at 19:30.

Currently suffering from a 10-match winless streak in the league (4 draws and 6 losses), this is a golden opportunity for Jeju to turn things around and take a step closer to their first ever FA Cup title, especially as the winner of the FA Cup qualifies directly for the next Asian Football Confederation Champions League 토토사이트(ACL).

Jeju is preparing for a three-game homestand, starting with a weekend match against Gangwon, a midweek match against Pohang, and a weekend match against Suwon FC, with an optimal rotation. In the last match against Gangwon, when Jeong-woon missed the match due to accumulating cautions, Jeju tried a tactical change and fitness by playing a back four and giving recent signing Kwon Sun-ho, a multiplayer from Gwangju University, a chance to make his professional debut.

Against Pohang, Jeong-woon is back in the lineup and Hayes, Kim Bong-soo, Kim Joo-gong, and Yeon Je-woon, who have all found the back of the net against Pohang this season, are in top form. In particular, Hayes, who scored a dramatic penalty kick equalizer in the last minute against Gangwon, is determined to showcase the ‘Jeju Forest’ celebration that he was unable to do at the time. The Jeju squad recently launched and wore the eco-friendly Jeju Forest jerseys and organized the Jeju Forest Celebration to show their commitment to environmental protection.

“It’s going to be a tough game, but we’re not going to back down,” said Hayes. The coaching staff, players and front of house are all working together to turn things around in the FA Cup, despite our current league form. As a foreign striker in charge of the offense, I am also preparing with more responsibility. In particular, I will show the ‘Jeju Forest’ celebration, which was unfortunately not shown in the last game against Gangwon due to the flow of the game, properly this time. I would like to ask for a lot of support and interest from the fans.”

In order for the team’s hopes to become a reality, they will need to improve their goal scoring. In 25 league games this season, Jeju has attempted 293 shots (6th in the league) and converted 118 shots on target (2nd in the league).

They have scored a total of 33 goals, fifth in the league, but have only managed 10 goals in their last 10 games during their winless streak. There have also been two goalless matches, meaning that their chances to goals ratio is poor. As a result, Jeju is working harder on goal-decision training ahead of the FA Cup.

Coach Nam Ki-il said, “We are creating a lot of chances, but our biggest challenge is not finishing with a goal. The FA Cup quarterfinal against Pohang is a very important match. I hope it will be a stage to solve our problems. We need to score more goals and not just create chances. We will work on these aspects with the players before the FA Cup.”

Meanwhile, with the expected path of Typhoon Kanun heading towards the center of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island will also be affected, but preparations for the match are proceeding as normal as the FA Cup rules allow for discussions on postponements depending on matchday conditions.

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