“Posting after Lee, Angels and Cups are also interested.” Really $90 million? If Ohtani and Bellinger are taken away, it’s “super-emergency.”

Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes) has not yet started a post. Apart from the interest in Lee Jung-hoo, it is also important to know how many clubs will actually bid for the post. Unlike in the past, the Korean Baseball Organization’s posting system has allowed multiple clubs to negotiate since 2018.

The higher the demand, the higher the ransom and posting fee. For now, the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees are guaranteed to bid for the post. The San Diego Padres were also initially interested in Kim, but have since reverted to a pay cut structure.굿모닝토토

If “Devil Agent” Scott Boras, 71, is to be believed, nearly half of the major leagues have inquired about Lee, so it’s likely there will be more than two or three teams bidding on him. Of course, there’s no guarantee that interest will translate into bids.

With that in mind, Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation predicted that the Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs will be the next two teams to bid on Lee. These teams are likely to lose free agents Shohei Ohtani, 29, and Cody Bellinger, 28. That means they’ll consider Lee as an alternative.

“Once Lee is posted, other teams will be in the mix,” said Fan Nation. The Los Angeles Angels could get involved if they lose Ohtani’s bat. The Chicago Cubs could be interested if they lose Bellinger.” If this materializes, at least four bids are virtually assured.

Of course, the San Francisco narrative is alive and well. “San Francisco is one of the most aggressive chasers,” Fan Nation wrote. The Yankees will be aggressive, too.” Currently, Lee’s price tag is expected to be at least $50 million and as high as $90 million.

Fan Nation writes, “It makes sense why San Francisco would want to take a look at Lee: a contact hitter is a good fit in a big ballpark (Oracle Park has a wide right-center field and high walls). It’s hard to predict what he’ll look like post-injury, but he should be much cheaper than Bellinger on the market.”

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