“Why me?” Frustrated by the injury…Gavi, a promising player, injured his cruciate ligament + meniscus → Up to 9 months out

Barcelona announced via the club’s website on Tuesday (June 20), “Bad news for Barcelona. Gabi has suffered a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and an injury to the lateral meniscus. Gabi will undergo surgery in the coming days and we will have more news after the operation,” the club said in a statement about Gabi’s injury.토토사이트

Gabi was called up to the Spanish national team for the A-match. The injury occurred in the final UEFA European Championship (Euro) 2024 qualifier against Georgia. Gabi started the game and went down in pain around the 20th minute of the first half. He got back up and played a few more minutes, but then felt pain in his knee again and had to be substituted.

You could tell it was a serious injury. Gabi was not taken off on a stretcher, but was seen leaving the field on crutches after the game. Upon his return to Barcelona, Gabi was told he could be out for six to eight months following medical tests.

Spanish outlet As reported, “Gabi’s first medical tests have revealed that he has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. He could be out for at least six months and up to eight months. The injury will keep him out of Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics next year, and it’s also a big blow to his club, Barcelona.”

Fabrizio Romano, who works for the British newspaper The Guardian and is known for his expertise in the European soccer transfer market, also wrote on social media, “Gabi has torn his anterior cruciate ligament and damaged the meniscus in his knee. Gabi will be out of action for seven to nine months and his season is over. Further tests have confirmed the news. This is terrible news for Barcelona and Spain. Gabi’s expected absence is at least seven months, but could be eight or nine. Gabi will also miss Euro 2024. He won’t be back until the preseason of the 2024-25 season. We wish Gabi a speedy recovery,” reported the news of Gabi’s injury.

As ‘As’ and Romano reported, anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries take a long time to recover and return to play. Surgery is a given, and rehabilitation takes a long time. Similarly, Gabi is expected to take some time to return from this injury.

Born in 2004, Gabi is a Barcelona youth talent who came up through the ranks of La Liara and Real Betis. His talent was such that he was called up to the first team at the age of 17 while he was still with Barcelona B. He made his debut in 2021-22. After breaking out in his first-team debut in 2021-22, Gabi has been a regular fixture for Barcelona ever since. His performances helped him win the Lemont Copa Trophy, the U-21 Ballon d’Or, and the 2022 Ballon d’Or.

He was also called up to the national team at a young age. Gabi’s first appearance for the Spanish national team was against Italy in the UEFA Nations League (UNL) quarterfinals of the 2020-21 season. At the time, Gabi was 17 years and 62 days old, making him the youngest player ever to make his debut for Spain. Gabi’s success from the start led him to play in the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Gabi has had a better international career than most players at such a young age.

Gabi’s strengths are his technical and tactical understanding, as well as his high work rate, which is typical of a Barcelona player. He has good basic technique and a good understanding of tactics. He’s an aggressive player who is good at keeping the ball and using his dribbling to get forward. One of Gabi’s strengths is that he can play in both midfield and on the flanks.

Her activity level is particularly impressive. Gabi covers more than 11 kilometers per game, close to 13 kilometers if she plays a lot. It’s natural for a player of her age to feel the physical strain of playing so many hours and covering so much ground, and some have suggested that she’s been overworked from a young age.

It’s safe to say that this injury was also a result of overuse. Gabi played a lot of games from a young age. This gave him a lot of experience for his age, but it also put a lot of pressure on his body when he wasn’t at the peak of his physical abilities. It’s not surprising that Gabi’s knees are suffering.

Nevertheless, Spain coach Luis de la Fuente had no intention of resting Gabi. “Gabi is an active player, she doesn’t want to rest. She has energy, so she can play that much and still play well. Good players don’t rest,” he said, adding that Gabi was in good shape to play.

De la Fuente is right, good players, often top-class players, want consistent playing time. Kim Min-jae, who was recently at the center of a bullying controversy, also said it was better to play and suffer than not play and suffer. However, it’s the manager’s job to regulate the condition of these players. They have an obligation to keep their players in good shape.

Moreover, younger players like Gabi need to be more proactive. Gabi has already reached a level where he can compete with players in their mid-to-late 20s, but given his age, he still has a lot of potential to improve. At this age, it’s important for players to stay injury-free, stay fit, and play regularly. However, De La Fuente insisted on playing Gabi regardless of his condition.

For Gabi, the injury is a major blow to his career. An important part of the Spanish national team at a young age, Gabi had been building his international career with an eye on Euro 2024 next year, but a major injury – a torn anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus – ended his dreams of playing at a major tournament.

The same could be said for his club. Gabi’s time to step up was over. Barcelona was trying to win its second straight league title after the previous season. They needed Gabi to be a big part of the team. But with this injury, Barcelona will be without a key player from the start of the season. This is a big concern for Barcelona, as they have to juggle their league and UEFA Champions League (UCL) schedule.

Even after his return, there are concerns. Players with ACL and MCL injuries usually take quite a while to get back to their previous form after returning. They have to be diligent in their rehabilitation and wait for their muscles to lose weight and their joints to gain strength. This is the result of being out of action for a long period of time due to a knee injury.

Gabi was also reportedly frustrated by the injury. “It can’t be, it can’t be, why me?” she shouted in frustration over her injury from beyond the locker room, according to Ferran Martinez of Spain’s Mundo Deportivo.

“The halftime consolation didn’t work for Gabi, who suffered a serious injury against Georgia. She knew she was seriously injured, and no matter how much her teammates tried to comfort her, she couldn’t believe she was injured,” the report said, explaining that while other players comforted her, she was unable to come out of her despair.

The hashtag #ANIMOGAVI (get well soon) has been trending locally as a way to console Gabi. Spanish media outlets, including Mundo Deportivo, as well as fans, have been sending their support to Gabi, wishing him a speedy recovery.

The bad news is that Barcelona will receive some compensation for Gabi’s injury. FIFA is expected to pay Barcelona at least €3 million (approximately $4.2 billion) in compensation. Depending on the length of Gabi’s absence, the amount could increase to around €4.3 million ($6 billion).

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