“Dodgers fans will be hurt…” SF Wants Bellinger Beyond Lee Jung-hoo, 8 Years, $240 Million Forecast

Cody Bellinger (28) made a splash when he became a non-tender free agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers and signed a one-year, $17.5 million deal with the Chicago Cubs. He is now expected to be the second player after Shohei Ohtani (29) to sign a free agent contract.토토사이트

John Heyman of the New York Post wrote, “A healthy Bellinger has rediscovered his old hitting skills. He has a nice all-around game. Now the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants are chasing.”

The Yankees and San Francisco are certainly interested in bolstering their lineups. They’re also two of the favorites to make a move for Jung-Hoo Lee (25). Realistically, Bellinger is the top priority, and Lee is likely the next best option. Of course, given San Francisco’s behavior over the past year, it would be odd not to bid on Lee.

Heyman’s projections for Bellinger’s free agency are eight years, $220 million, and six years, $150 million, based on expert opinion. Heyman himself projected eight years and $240 million. He was more generous than most experts.

However, Sports Illustrated’s L.A. Dodger fan nation, Inside the Dodgers, said on April 19 that “Dodger fans are going to be hurt.” This was in response to the possibility of Bellinger being traded to the Dodgers’ National League West rival, San Francisco. But it was the Dodgers who dumped Bellinger.

Inside the Dodgers pointed out that Heyman wasn’t the only expert to predict Bellinger’s move to San Francisco, ESPN’s Jerry Rogers was. He predicted that Bellinger would sign a long-term deal this offseason, second only to Ohtani.

MLB.com also wrote on the same day that Bellinger could be a free agent bargain after signing a one-year deal: “Cut his strikeout rate from 27.1 percent in 2021-2022 to 15.7 percent this year. Restored value in Chicago. Best beast on the free agent market behind Ohtani.”

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