MLB Athletics to leave Oakland for ‘Las Vegas’

On April 16, ESPN and other local media outlets began reporting on the owners’ meeting in Arlington, Texas. According to the report, Major League Baseball owners unanimously approved the relocation of the Athletics from Oakland to Las Vegas.레모나토토 도메인

This will allow the Athletics to move to Las Vegas by the sea. The Athletics have been preparing for the move internally and have been advocating for the move through various channels. Behind-the-scenes, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was also in favor of the move, citing the city of Oakland’s reluctance to build a new stadium and unstable public safety conditions.

With the move finalized, the Athletics will remain in Oakland through next season, when their lease at the Coliseum expires. In the intervening year, the Athletics will work closely with Las Vegas on a new ballpark and a new home beginning in 2025.

The Athletics were founded in Philadelphia in 1901, moved to Kansas City in 1955, and then to Oakland in 1968, where they have remained for the past 55 years. However, Oakland’s home, Coliseum Stadium, is a somewhat difficult complex to play baseball in, and its shared use with the NFL’s Raiders has left the facility quite outdated. The Athletics have been looking to build a new stadium or relocate several times, but it hasn’t worked out. The Raiders moved to Las Vegas first, making it easier for the Athletics to do the same.

This leaves Oakland without a single professional sports franchise after 2024.

Major League Baseball’s last franchise relocation dates back to 2005, when the Expos, then based in Montreal, Canada, moved to Washington to become the Nationals. Prior to that, Washington was home to the Senators until 1972, when they moved to Texas and became the Rangers.

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