“Is there a better coach than Williams…” In KIA, his pride was crumpled, but in ML, he has a lot of trust, “Do you want to meet Lee Jung-hoo?”

New San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin (62) has quite the relationship with coach Matt Williams (58). They didn’t have much of a relationship as players, but they’ve stayed together since becoming coaches. Williams was the third base coach for the Oakland Athletics in 2018 and 2019, when Melvin was the Oakland manager.굿모닝토토 주소

Williams then went on to manage the Kia Tigers in the KBO in 2020 and 2021, while Melvin left Oakland to become the manager of the San Diego Padres in 2022. Melvin then recruited Williams, who was fired from KIA after the 2021 season, to San Diego.

The two spent two years together in San Diego. In fact, Williams was sidelined earlier this season for surgery and treatment for colon cancer. But Melvin’s confidence in Williams was unwavering. When Melvin moved to San Francisco at the end of the season to join Jahan Faidi’s Oakland organization, he decided to take Williams with him.

This means that Melvin and Williams will have worked together on three different teams: Oakland, San Diego, and now San Francisco. “We have a history together,” Melvin told The Athletic on Saturday. Williams has always seen himself as a giant, so this was easy. I don’t know if there’s a better coach than him.”

The two have another connection. The Korean beast. Coach Williams already had a Korean connection in the KBO, and when he came to San Diego, he had Ha-Sung Kim. He would hit home runs and high-five Coach Williams at third base, and there were Kia officials who would occasionally catch glimpses of Coach Williams when San Diego games were televised in Korea.

The two parted ways with Kim Ha-seong. But there’s another Korean major leaguer they could be linked to. Lee Jung-hoo (25). Major League Baseball has already inquired about his status, and he will soon find his first major league team through the Korean-American posting system. The American media is very high on Lee’s value.

Coach Williams will be able to meet Lee again in San Francisco, where he played for KIA. There are no guarantees that Lee will end up in San Francisco, but the Giants have been the most aggressive in their pursuit of Lee.

Melvin has also traditionally had a good relationship with Asian players. Kim Ha-Sung and Darvish Yu (San Diego) have both followed him closely. They represent the major leagues, so if Lee Jung-hoo wants to join the team, he can trust them. If the three of them meet in San Francisco, that’s also fate.
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