“PSG #9 is Asensio, not Lee Kang-in, 100%”…Lee Kang-in worked, but Asensio, the more experienced #9, had the advantage!

With Gonzalo Higuain out of form, PSG are looking for a new number nine. The leading candidate is Lee Kang-in. Lee played nine times in the last 12 rounds against Reims and was impressive. Kylian Mbappe’s attack came alive and he scored a hat trick. PSG won 3-0 and moved to first place in the league.

This led local media to call for Lee to play as the number 9 for PSG. However, Lee will have to overcome some stiff competition to get the ninth spot. Marco Asensio is back from injury. The two players are expected to compete for the number nine position.토토사이트

In this situation, the French publication Francebleu favors Asensio.

“Asensio is the first choice for number 9. 100%”. “Since the beginning of the season, PSG’s weakness has been the number 9. Randal Colo, Moani, Hamus, they all failed. They didn’t convince. Now Asensio, who is coming back from injury, can do well in that position.”

“There have been many problems with the number nine, but PSG will not play without it. Luis Enrique’s PSG is similar to Barcelona and the Spanish national team. The most important thing is the role and positioning of the strikers. We saw that against Reims. Enrique left Hammers out and gave Lee Kang-in the number nine role. It worked well. Mbappe had easier access to the goal. Mbappe scored three goals,” he analyzed.

While Lee did well as a No. 9, Asensio had the edge due to his experience as a No. 9, according to the outlet.

“For this tactic to work, you need the right profile. While Lee Kang-in has worked, the player who best fits this profile is Asensio. He was effective as a No. 9 at the beginning of the season before he was injured.”

“At the time, Asensio’s number nine role was temporary. That was when Hamus and Kolo Moani hadn’t arrived. But they failed, and Asensio, who has done it before, will be a permanent No. 9.”

Finally, the publication concludes, “PSG has a big game coming up. They have a match against AS Monaco and a UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Newcastle. It would not be surprising to see Asensio play as a number nine in both of these games. It will give PSG a more consistent and efficient attacking line.”

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