Kim Jong-un, who faced Woori Bank, his former team in “Veteran’s Value”, struggled with the injury that shone despite the defeat

Veteran Kim Jong-un (36, 179 cm) gave an injury battle against her hometown team Woori Bank.

Bucheon Hana OneQ lost 53-57 against Asan Woori Bank in the first round of the Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League at Bucheon Gymnasium on Monday. The loss was their second straight in the opening round.

Despite the loss, there were gains. The team showed a different side of themselves against the defending champions, with veteran Kim Jong-un, a newcomer to the team this season, at the center of it all. Kim played 35 minutes and 16 seconds, finishing with 13 points, including two three-pointers, four rebounds, two assists, and two blocked shots in the loss.레모나토토 주소

Kim Jong-un’s participation in the game was actually uncertain. He had suffered a busted lip and damaged teeth in an away game against Samsung Life in Yongin on June 6, but his determination was strong. He couldn’t afford to show weakness against his old team, Woori Bank, where he played until last season.

Before the game, Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan said, “This one was completely broken and the other three were pushed in. We have to put an arch, connect a bridge until the gums are back to normal, and then do an implant after some time. Today (the 9th) he said he wanted to play, so I’m ready. I’m going to play with a mouthpiece. He’s going to be in the starting lineup, but I think we’ll have to see how things go as he plays,” Kim said.

A Hana OneQ official also said, “We originally wanted to give him a break, but his will was too strong. In fact, a veteran of his caliber would want to rest, but he doesn’t show that at all. It’s a good example for the juniors to follow. I feel a little emotional,” and expressed his gratitude to Kim Jong-un.

In the first quarter, Kim scored eight points, including one three-pointer, to give Hana One Q a lead. After that, she struggled to score as her shots didn’t go in, but she defended Woori Bank ace Kim Dan-bi with her whole body. With Kim on her heels, Dan-bi was a little sluggish with six points, six rebounds, and three assists. She also did a great job as an on-court leader, calling out to her juniors in the middle of the game to talk to them. She also showed a lot of determination despite the fact that the swelling from her stitched lip hasn’t gone down yet.

After the match, coach Kim Dowan said of Kim, “I think she wanted to show it today because her mind was ahead of her in the match against Samsung Life. Despite not feeling well, he played hard to set an example for the juniors. It motivated the rest of the players. I think the team will grow in the future if this synergy comes out little by little,” he praised.

The game showed why Hana OneQ wanted Kim so badly, as he played like a veteran while fighting through his injury. We can’t wait to see how Hana OneQ will change with Kim this season.

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