The losing team loses “everything”…Suwon’s Derby foreshadows a “high-grade blood fight” on single-wood legs

Two teams with ties to the same city water source are preparing for a battle of the wooden bridges. The losing team will lose everything and speed up the relegation train.

Suwon FC and Suwon Samseong will face off in the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Round 36 ‘Suwon Derby’ at the Suwon Sports Complex at 2 p.m. on April 12.

The derby is too important for both teams. It will be 90 minutes of no-holds-barred action. The standings of the two teams with three games left in the season say it all. Suwon FC is 10th (8 wins, 8 draws, 19 losses – 32 points) and Suwon is last (12th – 6 wins, 8 draws, 21 losses – 26 points).

The 10th and 11th place finishers in K League 1 will play a promotion playoff (PO) against K League 2 teams. 12th place is a direct relegation. Both teams will need to do everything in their power to avoid either the PO or direct relegation.

Suwon FC’s recent form is not as good as Suwon’s. Suwon FC’s most recent win was a 1-0 victory away to Daejeon Hana Citizens on September 1, Round 29. Since then, they haven’t won in over two months.

The offense is not a major concern. In Round 35, Lee Seung-woo scored his 10th goal of the season to reach double digits for the second straight year. On the same day, Lopez also showed his sharp toes with a multi-goal performance. While Zupo Ras has left the team due to disciplinary reasons, other players have stepped up to the plate. The team has scored 41 goals, which is 8th out of 12 teams in the K League 1.

The problem is conceding goals. Suwon FC currently leads the league in conceded goals with 70. That’s a significant gap from the next two teams, Daejeon and Suwon, who have conceded 55 goals apiece. Daejeon (12th) in 2015 and Jeju (12th) in 2019 are just two goals shy of the most goals conceded in K League 1 history with 72 each. It is tied with Seongnam (12th) in 2021. A new record is highly likely.

Despite trying to find a solution by alternating between a back four and a back three, Suwon FC has continued to struggle with defensive balance after being promoted to the K League 1 under Kim Do-gyun.토토사이트

However, Suwon FC has continued its strong form against the bottom-ranked Suwon. Suwon FC has won all three Suwon derbies this season. Suwon FC has dominated all three matches, scoring two goals in each game. The last 10 matches in the Suwon Derby have also been dominated by Suwon FC, with 8 wins and 2 losses.

Last-place Suwon have been stuck in a rut all season, repeatedly failing to climb out of the bottom half of the table. Under acting head coach Yeom Ki-hoon, who took over in September, Suwon has one win, one draw, and two losses, but points are still hard to come by.

In particular, the last home match against Daejeon in the 35th round was a disappointment for the Suwon players and fans.

Rookies Kim Joo-chan and Acosti scored back-to-back goals in the first half to start the game off on the right foot, and it looked like the three points were within reach until the final minutes of the second half. The previous day, 11th-ranked Kangwon had lost to Jeju on a buzzer-beating goal, so a win for Suwon would have put them in the driver’s seat. However, in the run-up to their first win of the final round, Suwon conceded back-to-back goals to opponents Thiago and Masa, dropping two points.

Having struggled all season, Suwon now faces not only the Suwon Derby, but also a “supermatch” against FC Seoul in the next round. Seoul is a tougher opponent. For Suwon, a rebound in the Suwon Derby is a must.

However, Suwon’s acting head coach Yeom Ki-hoon left for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) P-level coaching course organized by the Football Association of Thailand on April 4, causing a long gap in the team’s training. Yeom will return home at dawn on the day of the match against Suwon FC, but how Suwon will perform after training with the coaches for about a week remains to be seen.

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