Find the worst defender…2023 “Dolden Glove” Awards

If there’s a best defense, there’s a worst defense. The Dolden Glove awards, which recognize the worst defense by position, are back for the 2023 season.

The Dolden Glove is based on players who have played at least 150 innings for pitchers and 700 innings for catchers and fielders in at least one position. Defensive runs saved (DRS), Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR)/150, and Out Above Average (OAA) were used as provided by Fangraphs.

It is important to note that the awards are subjective and based on multiple stats.

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And don’t feel too bad about winning this award. Nathaniel Lowe, last year’s American League first baseman Dolden Glove winner, won the Gold Glove this season. That could change. We’ll see you on the Gold Glove list in 2024.

First baseman: Spencer Torkelson (Detroit) Freddie Freeman (Dodgers)
Touted as Miguel Cabrera’s heir apparent, Torkelson has been a disappointment on defense. His -11 DRS and -10.1 UZR/150 in 2023 were among the worst defensive numbers among American League first basemen. While he has shown improvement at the plate, his defense has gone in the opposite direction. Freeman’s Dolden Glove win is a bit of a shock, as he also won the Gold Glove in 2018. His UZR/150 was a decent +3.3, but he had a -9 DRS. Only one other player in the National League with more than 700 innings of first base defense this season was below zero.

Second base: Jose Altuve (Houston) Jonathan India (Cincinnati)
Both second basemen earned their second consecutive Dolden Glove after winning the award last season. Altuve posted a DRS of -13 and a UZR/150 of -9.3, while India posted a DRS of -7 and a UZR/150 of -1.9. While Altuve dominated in the American League, it was a different story in the National League. Luis Garcia (Washington) threatened India’s spot with a DRS of -6 and a UZR/150 of -2.9, but it’s worth noting that India played fewer defensive innings (893 1/3) than Garcia (996 1/3).

Third baseman: Gene Segura (Miami) Rafael Devers (Boston)
Segura was the worst third baseman in the National League, posting a DRS of -9 and a UZR/150 of -5.5, both of which were negative. J.D. Davis of the San Francisco Giants was worse than Segura with a DRS of -11, but narrowly (?) missed out on the award with a 0.8 gain in UZR/150. Segura also played far fewer defensive innings (720 1/3) than Davis (915 2/3). Segura was traded to Cleveland during the season and immediately released, and hasn’t appeared since. In the American League, Rafael Devers won the award with a DRS of -9 UZR/150 -2.9.

Shortstop: Tim Anderson (White Sox) Brandon Crawford (San Francisco)
Anderson was the White Sox’ starting shortstop again this season, but he struggled with a -16 DRS and -7.6 UZR/150. Ahmed Rosario, who was traded to the Dodgers after a stint in Cleveland, also threatened to unseat him with a -16 DRS and -4.4 UZR/150. Four-time Gold Glove winner Brandon Crawford, who was in the final year of his contract, was a shell of his former self with a DRS of -14 and a UZR/150 of -7.8. Rosario has spent most of his time at second base since joining the Dodgers, so the honor of National League Shortstop of the Year goes to Crawford.

Left field: Kyle Schwarber (Philadelphia) Masataka Yoshida (Boston).
Schwarber had a solid year at the plate, hitting 46+ home runs for the second straight year, but his defense left a lot to be desired. He finished with a DRS of -21 and a UZR/150 of -16, earning him a second straight Gold Glove in left field. Jurickson Profar (Colorado/San Diego) posted a DRS of -11 and a UZR/150 of -4.9, which would have made him a Dolden Glove winner, but he was edged out by Schwarber. Yoshida might be a little unfair. His DRS of -4 and UZR/150 of -4.2 weren’t terrible, but they were relatively the worst among American League left fielders. You can’t help but feel bad for him.

Center field: Esteemed Ruiz (Oakland) Jazz Chisom Jr. (Miami)
A first-time big leaguer in 2023, Ruiz showed off his speed with 67 stolen bases, but his defense left something to be desired. His DRS of -17 and UZR/150 of -13.5 were among his worst defensive numbers. Chisom Jr. struggled in center field with a DRS of -9 and UZR/150 of -6.6. Pittsburgh’s Zack Suwinski was equally impressive with a DRS of -10 and UZR/150 of -2.3, but the honor goes to Chisom Jr. for playing fewer innings.

Right field: Nick Castellanos (Philadelphia) Hunter Renfroe (Angels/Cincinnati)
Castellanos won his second straight Dolden Glove along with teammate Schwarber. He posted a DRS of -9 and UZR/150 of -15.0, narrowly edging out Jordan Walker (St. Louis), who posted a DRS of -9 and UZR/150 of -14.1. Renfroe was right behind them with a DRS of -9 and UZR/150 of -6.3. Since he spent most of his time with the Angels, he could be the American League winner.

Catcher: Elias Diaz (Colorado) Shea Langelius (Oakland)
Diaz was named the National League Catcher of the Year after posting a DRS of -16. Washington’s Keyvert Ruiz was a close second with a DRS of -14. In the American League, Shea Langelius (Oakland) was honored with a DRS of -13. Salvador Perez (Kansas City) threatened with a DRS of -11 and Martin Maldonado (Houston) with a DRS of -10.

Pitchers: Sandy Alcantara (Miami) Framber Valdes (Houston).
Alcantara won the National League Pitcher of the Year award after posting a DRS of -4, the worst among pitchers with 160 or more innings of defense. The next three players with the worst DRS were Justin Verlander (Mets/Houston), Jordan Montgomery (St. Louis/Texas), and Framer Valdes (Houston), who tied for -3. Valdez, who had one double and has spent many seasons in the American League, was the winner.

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