Kim Jin-gyu, who achieved a dramatic comeback victory with 4 goals, said, “We need to create a situation that captures the hearts of fans who have lost their minds” [On-site interview]

 “We need to capture the hearts of fans who have left their hearts.”

FC Seoul, led by acting coach Kim Jin-gyu, won a dramatic comeback victory of 4-3 against Suwon FC in the 35th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon Stadium on the 29th. Seoul, with 53 points, consolidated its 7th place.

Seoul was dragged out by giving up the first goal to Suwon FC Lopez in the 29th minute of the first half. Afterwards, they took the lead with consecutive goals from Ki Sung-yong and Willian, and later with an additional goal from Bjorn Johnson. However, a tie was allowed in a row. Kim Kyung-min’s dramatic winning goal was hilarious. After the game, Assistant Manager Kim said, “Even though it was an away game, a lot of fans came. We created a situation where the players could do their best until the end. I think Suwon FC also had fun playing attacking soccer. I want to praise the players. This is the first comeback win this year. I think it’s encouraging. I feel grateful just for playing my best. “I hope to create a situation that captures the hearts of fans who have left their hearts,” he said.

Kim Kyung-min and Bjorn Johnson, who came in as substitutes, both scored goals. Acting Director Kim said, “Bjorn Johnson was not in good condition. She said she would do her best no matter if she played 5 minutes. She brought it to the stadium. She accidentally scored a goal. Kim Kyung-min trained as a sideback. However, this does not mean that the position has completely changed. He tries to make a second chaduri. “I think it’s something to celebrate,” he said.

Nevertheless, Seoul conceded 3 goals that day. Acting Director Kim said, “The defense coach must have a headache. In the next game, we need to reduce the number of goals conceded as much as possible. I think it needs to be corrected through analysis. “We are the top scorer in the K-League and I hope we can keep that up,” he ordered.

Ki Sung-yueng scored a lucky goal in the 11th minute of the second half. A scene of Deputy Director Kim hitting Ki Sung-Yong’s head was also captured. Assistant Manager Kim said, “He asked if it was his score. Will there ever be a goal like that in life?굿모닝토토 “I think it would have been a happy goal for Ki Sung-yueng,” he explained.

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