‘I want to go out too!’ Jose Mourinho likely to part ways with AS Roma. ‘Mourinho hopes’ Ace striker leaves AS Roma and joins EPL

‘I want to go out too!’

The probability that AS Roma’s ace striker Tammy Abraham will transfer to the English Premier League (EPL) has increased. This is because Jose Mourinho, the world-famous coach whom he trusted and followed, is likely to part ways with AS Roma.

Team Talk, a British soccer media outlet, reported on the 26th (Korean time), ‘As AS Roma and coach Jose Mourinho’s separation becomes certain, the possibility of ace striker Tammy Abraham leaving the team and advancing to the EPL has increased.’

The conflict between ‘Special One’ coach Jose Mourinho and AS Roma is deep.

Football media outlet Football Italia already reported on the 17th, ‘It is certain that coach Jose Mourinho will part ways with AS Roma in June next year. It is reported that AS Roma will not extend manager Mourinho’s contract.

Coach Mourinho is likely to go to Saudi Arabia. He is aiming to go to Europe, but there have been no concrete offers yet. Therefore, he can aim for Europe first, and if that doesn’t work out, he can pursue a move to a Saudi club.

Rumors of discord between coach Mourinho and AS Roma have been raised since last season. This is due to the conflict between AS Roma, which is passive in recruiting players, and coach Mourinho, who needs to strengthen his power.

Eventually, a trip to Saudi Arabia emerged, and Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal in particular proposed terms for a large contract.

Coach Mourinho is a world-class leader. He also has the nickname ‘Special One’.굿모닝토토 He lifted the championship trophy in all four European leagues and took charge of 10 teams.

He won trophies in Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain, and also won the Champions League.

Tammy Abraham is coach Mourinho’s favorite student at AS Roma.

A 26-year-old frontline striker. He is a player with good height and skills of 1m94. He came from Chelsea’s youth team and was a rookie with Chelsea’s greatest potential. However, he played for Chelsea from 2016 to 2021, but did not achieve much growth, and eventually joined AS Roma in 2021 after moving around on loan.

From then on, his potential began to unfold. He was especially instrumental in winning the 2021 Europa Conference. He finished second in the tournament’s scoring list with 10 goals, and was also named to the league’s Best Team. However, he is out for a long period of time due to a cruciate ligament injury last season.

If coach Mourinho leaves AS Roma, Abraham is expected to seek a transfer to two to three EPL teams that are actively making love calls to him, including his former team Chelsea.

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