‘9 wins – Internal oblique muscle damage – Dramatic joining of Jun PO’ Is McCarty a card given up or a hidden card? [Jun PO]

 Is SSG Landers foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty a given up card or a hidden card?

SSG lost 3-7 in the second game against SSG Landers in the 2023 KBO postseason semi-playoffs (best of 5) held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 23rd. They lost 3-4 in the first game and lost the second game. I was pushed to the edge of a cliff. If they lose one more game, NC will take the ticket to the playoffs. NC is in an advantageous situation.

SSG announced Oh Won-seok as the starting pitcher for Game 3. NC promotes foreign pitcher Tanner Turley. In the case of NC, it was expected that ‘ace’ Eric Peddy, who recorded 20 wins, 209 strikeouts, and an ERA of 2.00 in the regular season this year, would be promoted, but manager Kang In-kwon decided to promote Tanner.

Coach Kang said of Peddie, “He confidently said in the pre-interview that he would play in Game 3, but he said he felt a little uncomfortable and anxious after training today, so he went to the hospital and got diagnosed. He was diagnosed with simple collision syndrome, and Game 3 will likely be difficult,” he said.

Coach Kang then said, “I will think about games 4 and 5. I’m sorry for feeling like a liar. I will monitor the situation tomorrow and the day after and make a decision. Your own opinion is also important. “It is a decision that has nothing to do with today’s victory.”

But Tanner cannot be taken lightly either. Tanner recorded 5 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 2.92 in 11 regular season games this year. Against SSG, he appeared in one game and became the winning pitcher. On the 7th, he pitched 5⅓ innings, allowing 8 hits, 5 strikeouts, 2 walks, and 2 runs.

But a ‘Plan B’ is also needed. It was difficult to predict that ‘Ace’ Kim Gwang-hyun would collapse after giving up 4 runs in 3 innings in the 2nd game. The same goes for Oh Won-seok. Preparedness is necessary. Therefore, attention was focused on the possibility of foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty taking the mound.

McCarty took the mound as a starter against Munhak Lotte on the 23rd of last month. He went down after pitching only two innings at the time. He felt pain in his right oblique muscle while playing defense and was replaced to protect the player. As a result of the examination on the 25th, he was found to need rest for two weeks due to damage to his oblique muscle. 

He ultimately did not return until the end of the regular season, but was a semi-playoff entry. Before the first game, Manager Kim said, “I will be waiting in the bullpen starting from the second game.” However, McCarty’s appearance in Game 2 was difficult. Before the second game, Coach Kim hesitated on whether to use McCarty.

He returned from injury and said he would rather be used as a reliever in the semi-playoffs than as a starter. However, Director Kim could not give a clear answer온라인카지노. After losing the second game, Coach Kim said, “I will stand by in the third game,” but he doesn’t know again.

SSG has nowhere to retreat. Foreign pitcher Roenis Elias pitched in the first game, and Kim Gwang-hyun pitched in the second game. Another starter, Seung-won Moon, followed Gwang-hyeon Kim on the mound and threw 75 pitches in 4⅔ innings. He threw more than Kim Gwang-hyun.

Other than Game 3 starter Oh Won-seok, there are not many pitchers who can throw long distances. It is not likely that the game will go to 15 overtimes, but we must prepare for this as well. Lee Kun-wook and Choi Min-jun are middle-of-the-road pitchers capable of multiple innings. These are pitchers with starting experience. However, there was no choice but to focus first on the possibility of McCarty, who was responsible for 9 wins during the regular season, appearing on the mound.

It remains to be seen whether McCarty will be a hidden card or a card whose physical condition has not yet fully recovered and we cannot expect much from him.

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