OK, the youngest club, is already 10 years old…Choi Yoon, owner, “I want us to go one step further”

Two championships since inception
Making changes this year, including hiring Ogino as head coach

OK Financial Group Volleyball Team President Choi Yoon (center) and others cut a rice cake to celebrate the team’s 10th anniversary. (Courtesy of the Korea Volleyball Federation)

The OK Financial Group All-Men Volleyball Team, which started as the seventh professional men’s volleyball team, has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

OK Financial Group celebrated its 10th anniversary on Tuesday at the home opener of the 2023-24 season of the Dodram V League Men’s Division against the Korea Electric Power Company at Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium.

OK Financial Group was anchored as the seventh club in the men’s division in 2013 under the team name Russia & Cash.

OK, which used Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium as its home, finished sixth in its debut season but surprised many by winning the title in its second season.

At the time, the “monster” Robert Randy Simon (registered name) was flying high, and the homegrown trio of Song Myung-geun, Song Hee-chae, and Lee Min-kyu contributed. With the full support of owner Choi Yoon (Chairman of OK Financial Group), OK Savings Bank changed the face of the V-League by reaching the top for two consecutive seasons.

Through the slogan “WeAnsan,” the team also healed the pain of Ansan fans in their hometown.

There have been ups and downs since then. After Kim Se-jin stepped down as head coach, Seok Jin-wook took the helm and started spring volleyball, but the team was far from the top.

OK Financial Group, which had its first foreign head coach, Masa Ogino (JPN), at the helm before the season, was all smiles as it experienced its first win at the KOVO Cup in Japan.

On the day, OK celebrated its 10th anniversary and provided a variety of attractions and events for its home fans. Before the game, the team handed out commemorative rice cakes with the 10th anniversary emblem to the home fans who came to the stadium, and they also made and gave out Oxford block figures in the likeness of Coach Ogino.

At the 10th anniversary mochi cake cutting ceremony at the end of the first set, owner Choi Yoon showed a special emotion as he looked back on the past 10 years despite his jubilant expression.

Choi Yoon, President of OK Financial Group Volleyball Team,짱구카지노 and others at the 10th anniversary match

“It’s been 10 years since the volleyball team was founded,” Choi said, “and we’ve had a lot of good memories. The OK Financial Group Volleyball Team has undergone major changes for its 10th anniversary, and we look forward to becoming a team that will develop to the next level under the wave of change.”

The day also saw congratulations from some familiar faces.

Simone, who was the protagonist of OK’s championship myth, said in a video, “I sincerely congratulate the OK Financial Group Volleyball Team on its 10th anniversary,” and said, “I will always be with OK in my heart,” to much applause.

Other congratulatory messages were also sent by golfer Park Se-ri, former coach Sun Dong-yeol, comedians Cho Jo-ho, Nam Hee-seok, Kim Jun-ho, and OK Financial Group Eat Man rugby team coach Oh Young-gil.

Meanwhile, in the match of the day, OK Financial Group defeated KEPCO with a set score of 3-1, earning its first win in the home opener.

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