Friendship built through gold medals “Olympic and World Cup, we will reach the top together”

There are athletes from completely different sports who won gold medals side by side at the last Asian Games in Hangzhou and even formed special friendships.
These are swimming’s Hwang Sun-woo and e-sports ‘League of Legends’ player Ryu Min-seok. Reporter Choi Hyeong-gyu covered the story.

Hwang Seon-woo, the leading swimmer, 스포츠토토enjoys the most hobbies: the popular games ‘League of Legends’ and ‘LoL’.

When Hwang Sun-woo saw Ryu Min-seok, who was on the national LoL team at the Asian Games Athletes Village, he immediately ran over and took a picture with them, and that was how they formed a friendship.

▶ Interview: Ryu Min-seok / League of Legends National Team (T1 Supporter)
– “I didn’t know anyone in the athletes’ village, but (Hwang Seon-woo) asked me to take a picture first. We met by chance at a restaurant.”

Even after the Asian Games, Hwang Sun-woo gave Ryu Min-seok his swimsuit and hat as gifts, and

Ryu Min-seok continued their friendship by giving him personal tutoring along with his uniform.

▶ Interview: Hwang Seon-woo / National swimming team
– “It was a truly meaningful time for me to have the opportunity to play a game together.”

With each other’s golden support behind them, the two are challenging themselves to the top in their respective worlds.

Hwang Sun-woo, who won three consecutive National Sports Festival MVP titles for the first time in history, is looking at the gold medal at next year’s Paris Olympics, and

Ryu Min-seok is taking the first step toward winning the World Cup, the best tournament watched by over 200 million people around the world, along with LoL’s best star ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok Lee. I took a step.

The two people, who developed a friendship that transcended sports, pledged to ‘glorify our country as national representatives.’

– “I hope to become a great athlete who can bring glory to Korea as a sportsperson. I hope to see you at the World Cup. Fighting!”

– “I know you will be participating in the Paris Olympics next year. I hope you will achieve good results and represent the Republic of Korea to promote national prestige.”

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