145 billion Chelsea MF Killer instinct awakened…Cannon shot after lightning breakthrough “Out of this world goal”-“Spearhead to defeat Arsenal” loud cheers

By Sungho Kim]English Premier League Chelsea midfielder Mikhail Mourinho joined Chelsea from Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine in January. At the time, the transfer fee was 100 million euros, or about 14.5 billion won. He signed. The contract is a long-term deal of eight and a half years.”메이저사이트

Mudrikh was dubbed the ‘future of Ukraine’ and was expected to make a big impact at Chelsea, so the Blues signed him to a long-term contract of eight years and six months.

Mudrikh is an attacking resource who can play all over the second line. His main strength is his ability to break through with his quick feet. He likes to cut inside from the left flank and uses both his right and left feet well.

At the time, Donetsk director Daryo Srna praised Mudrikh as one of the three best players in his position in European soccer. Despite the fact that his arms “bend inward,” he was considered one of the top three wingers in Europe after Kylian Mbappe (PSG) and Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid).

But Chelsea were fooled. Chelsea was fooled, and the fans were fooled. Mourinho played 17 games last season, including 15 in the EPL, and went scoreless. The lack of goals prompted the club to fly his parents from Ukraine to England to support him as he became “homesick,” but the goals never came. Fans also blamed Mourinho for Chelsea’s 12th-place finish last season.

It wasn’t until this season that he scored his first goal in the Premier League. After starting seven of eight games, Mourinho scored his Chelsea debut against Fulham on October 3. It was his first goal in 24 games since joining Chelsea.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino, who has been responsible for the club’s resurgence, was delighted with Mourinho’s debut goal. “I’m very happy for Mourinho to score his first goal in the EPL. “You have to understand that young players need time to settle in. I believed in Mudrikh because he is a young and talented player. He needs time, he needs patience,” he added, expressing his confidence in Mudrikh.

Mudrique scored the goal of a lifetime against Malta in a Euro 2024 group game on June 18. In the 40th minute, Mudrique picked up the ball on the halfway line and used his trademark quick feet to break down the Maltese right before unleashing a lightning-quick curling shot from near the penalty spot. The bullet-like goal found the top right corner of the Maltese goal.

Mourinho’s goal sent Chelsea fans into a frenzy. According to British media, Chelsea fans praised Mourinho’s goal, calling it an “out of this world goal”.

Chelsea’s first EPL game after the international break is against Arsenal in the early hours of the 22nd. Chelsea fans are confident of cooking Arsenal and have even named Mourinho as their “chef”. They are confident of victory.

What Chelsea fans are looking forward to is Mourinho’s goal. They’re excited about his goal after a lightning break from the halfway line. “This goal is out of this world,” raved one fan.

“Arsenal fans, look away from this goal,” “Mourinho can be one of the best wingers in world football,” “Mourinho is the one who scored this goal, I don’t know if it’s a dream or real life,” “This is the goal against Arsenal,” and more.

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