Director Lee Jong-yeol, who declared ‘nurturing’, how will he save the ‘devastated’ farm system? [SS Focus]

 “There is a lot of work to do.”

Samsung starts anew under the leadership of Lee Jong-yeol (50). showed a willingness to change. Director Lee Jong-yeol also needs to be busy. The ‘farm system’ is the biggest key.

On the 16th, Samsung made an announcement that will remain in the club’s history. It was announced that Director Lee Jong-yeol has been appointed. This is the first time in the club’s history that the general manager was a professional player. External recruitment is also the first time since its founding. It was almost an internal promotion, but this time, someone with expertise was brought in.

Director Lee Jong-yeol said ‘nurturing’ as his first word after taking office. This is the most necessary part of creating a sustainable strong team. In fact, what Samsung needs right now is not just training. The first team’s strength also leaves a lot to be desired. However, in the long run, making Futures stronger is more important than anything else.

In a phone call with Sports Seoul, general manager Lee Jong-yeol said, “Ultimately, in order to consistently achieve good results in the first team, isn’t there a steady supply of good players? The Futures side needs to be strengthened. “It takes time,” he said.

I gave a specific example. “I don’t think it will happen in a short period of time. First, we will use biomechanics to collect data by measuring once or twice a week. We are also planning to introduce a driveline system. It wasn’t like he didn’t do it very well. It seems like it was done outside. “I’m trying to bring it inside,” he explained.

In addition, “It is good to collect data using good equipment, but ultimately, what is more important is application. We will apply it well so that the players can develop. For this purpose, we are also considering recruiting the necessary personnel. Furthermore, there is a lot of work to be done and repairs to Gyeongsan Ball Park,” he added.

This season, Samsung’s first team ranked 6th with a team batting average of 0.263, and the team’s average ERA was the lowest at 4.60. This is why the team ranked only 8th.

Futures isn’t any better. The team’s batting average is the lowest at 0.250, and the team’s home runs are also last at 31. The team’s on-base percentage먹튀검증 (0.338) and slugging percentage (0.335) are also last. The team’s average ERA is 5.32, ranking 8th among 11 teams.

Since Futures does not have good resources, it cannot be used in the first team. This naturally leads to a decline in first-team performance. The vicious cycle continues. Samsung has been like that for the past few years.

After being ranked low for several years, he became a top pick in the draft. This means that we were able to secure good resources. However, there are only a handful of players who have appeared in the first team. This is why the term ‘nurturing failure’ appears. Director Lee Jong-yeol decided to delve into this part.

General Manager Lee Jong-yeol spoke of Theo Epstein style. He broke the Bambino curse while serving as general manager of Boston, and he also broke the goat curse while serving as president of the Chicago Cubs.

There’s no way the process was easy. He worked hard to operate through data utilization with a long-term perspective, and also worked on establishing a system for discovering and nurturing promising talent. This is the most necessary part to become a strong team. General Manager Lee Jong-yeol also wants to make Samsung like that.

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