Houston starter Javier “I like the ‘reptile’ nickname” [On-site interview]

Christian Javier, the starter for Game 3 of the Houston Astros’ Championship Series, shared his thoughts on his nickname.

Javier attended a press conference as a selection for Game 3 ahead of the official training held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, USA on the 18th (Korean time).

He expressed his feelings about the game, saying, “As always, I will try to show the best of my abilities.”

He, who pitched 5 scoreless innings in Game 3 of the last division series, said, “I will leave the results in the Lord’s hands and follow the path He leads. If the Lord’s will is for us to win tomorrow, I will accept it. “I always play to win,” he said, expressing his thoughts.

Javier has been a key player in Houston’s recent postseason success. In the postseason alone, he appeared in 15 games, pitched 37 2/3 innings, and showed good performance with an ERA of 1.91.

He has pitched three consecutive scoreless games, starting with last year’s Championship Series and World Sea Live where he pitched 11 1/3 scoreless innings.

스포츠토토In particular, Game 4 of the World Series was recorded as the team’s first no-hitter in the postseason and the third postseason no-hitter in history.

Catcher Martin Maldonado said, “It’s like a person with no blood flowing through his veins,” and evaluated him as the starting pitcher best suited to the current situation of two losses.

When asked about the secret to being able to remain calm at important moments, Javier shared his thoughts by saying, “I think that kind of personality is inherent.”

He said, “It’s not something I tried to get in the past. “My job is to go out there and not take the game too fast and stay relaxed,” he continued.

He is nicknamed ‘el ​​Reptil’ (the reptile). When asked about his thoughts on this nickname, he responded positively, saying, “I like it.”

When asked what his favorite reptile was, he chose crocodiles. He explained the reason, saying, “Crocodiles seem quiet normally, but they become aggressive when they enter the water.”

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