Former colleague Choo Shin-soo, who experienced the dark ages of Texas, “It was a time that made me stronger” [On-site interview]

Texas Rangers right-hander Jose LeClerc (30)스포츠토토 is one of the very few players on the current roster who played with Choo Shin-soo. He debuted in the big leagues in 2016 when the team advanced to the postseason, followed the dark period of rebuilding, and stood tall as the team’s closing pitcher in this postseason.

In an interview ahead of Game 2 of the Championship Series against the Houston Astros held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA on the 17th (Korean time), LeCluck said, “Those were the times that made me become stronger little by little,” and said, “Those were the times that made me stronger little by little.” I looked back on past times of glory and humiliation.

He said, “I didn’t make the postseason roster in 2016. There were some ups and downs. But then he used the energy and feeling he felt to get better. I knew this team would be back in the postseason someday, and we worked toward this moment. “And I’m happy to have the opportunity again,” he continued.

LeClerk played an active part in the team’s winning streak, pitching 57 innings in 57 games this season, recording an ERA of 2.68, 8 holds, and 4 saves.

He said, “I started building confidence last month as I was used in important moments. “He helped me grow as a pitcher,” he said, expressing his feelings about taking on the role of a sure-to-win team again.

In the postseason, he moved up to the team’s closer. Regarding this, “I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to finish the regular season and this postseason. This is the team I have been with since I was young and the team that gave me a chance. “Having the opportunity with a team like this is truly special.”

The Texas bullpen has performed poorly this season, recording an ERA of 4.77, the fifth-worst in the American League, but has shown a completely different performance in the postseason with an ERA of 1.86.

LeClerc, who is at the center of it all, said of the bullpen’s success, saying, “It’s the result of coming together as a group.”

“Our bullpen worked really hard all season to see how much we could improve,” he said. I think we showed what we can accomplish. “By showing what we had, we were able to gain confidence and experience success through different matchups,” he said, explaining the secret to the rebound.

“He’s absolutely amazing,” catcher Jonah Haim said of his teammate Le Kluck. “It seems like he comes out with a new pitch every day. He has 4-5 plus pitches that can be utilized in any situation. Additionally, the speed was raised to 100 miles per hour. He added, “He is making my job easier by having a slider.”

Coach Bruce Bochy said, “Leclerc was dealing with a neck nerve issue during spring training. He was in a state where he could not even be allowed to participate in the WBC. I think that problem prevented him from showing his current self. Even after the start of the season, he showed signs of deterioration and shaky command. “This is a difficult game to play when you’re not giving 100%,” he said of LeClerk’s past appearances.

He went on to explain that he has regained the form he originally knew, saying, “Now I can see that my position has revived and my command has improved.”


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