LG’s ‘last three games’ will be more focused on by fans of the 4 teams than by LG fans

Professional baseball LG confirmed its regular season championship on the 3rd. From then on, we arranged the playing time of our key players, tested their abilities for next season, and played games without worrying too much about whether they would win or lose.

As of the 12th, when there is no game, LG has played 141 games and has 85 wins, 2 draws, and 54 losses (0.612). However, it appears that the final three games until the season completes 144 games will feature different players than the past few days.

LG coach Yeom Kyeong-yeop has already laid out the direction of player selection, saying, “There may be misunderstandings in the last three games, so I think we need to do our best.”

LG goes to Changwon on the 13th to play an away game against NC. Afterwards, they will return to Seoul and end the regular season with a two-game series between Doosan and Jamsil over two days starting on the 14th.

NC and Doosan are hovering between 3rd and 5th place at the end of the regular season. As of the 11th, SSG and NC are tied for 3rd place, while Doosan is 1.5 games away. Here, KIA is chasing Doosan by 2 games and is dreaming of a last-minute turnaround. Both of these teams are in a situation where the results of one or two games can significantly change the outcome of the season.

This is why LG cannot play a game that is biased toward one side in the process of investing its power. Accordingly, it appears that the starting lineup as well as the selection of pitchers will not be significantly biased.

From the perspective of LG fans, it appears that they will be watching LG’s last three games, drawing various scenarios that will be revealed in the Korean Series, but in some cases, fans of the other four teams may be more focused on watching LG’s games.

First of all, 캡틴토토 NC and Doosan fans are expected to watch or watch the LG game with tension reminiscent of the postseason. In addition, SSG fans, who are fighting with NC and Doosan for 3rd to 5th place on thin ice, can also have their eyes sparkling at the game between LG and the two teams. This could be a weekend where SSG fans are more thirsty for LG’s victory than LG fans. In addition, depending on the flow of the two days on the 12th and 13th, the interest of KIA fans watching the two-game series between LG and Doosan on the weekend may increase rapidly. The results of the Jamsil KIA-Doosan game on Friday the 13th are expected to serve as the backdrop.

On the LG bench, the desire to win as much as possible may be strong even if the situation of these teams is not in sight. If they win all three games, there is a goal to surpass last year’s record (87 wins) and rewrite the club’s history of most wins in history. Moreover, after the final game against Doosan in Jamsil on the 15th, there will be a regular season championship trophy presentation ceremony. There may also be a desire to feel good about winning. In addition, considering the extremely long preparation period until Game 1 of the Korean Series (November 7), it may be time to review the best lineup once again.

LG’s final three-game series, which initially did not seem to have much significance, is becoming more prominent. Through these games, the outline of the matchup from the wild card game to the semi-playoffs is expected to be revealed.

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