‘Up to 152km boom! Won Tae-in, 6 innings without giving up a run, 6 K’s, “A game without a walk without a hit is more meaningful than speed… “The only goal is to win a gold medal” [Oh!Shen Shaoxing]

‘Blue-Blooded Ace’ Won Tae-in (Samsung)’s perfect pitch shined. 

Won Tae-in showed off perfect pitching with no runs in 6 innings against China in the second game of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Super Round held at Shaoxing Stadium in Zhejiang, China on the 6th (Korean time) with a fast ball of up to 152 km. He did not allow a single walk out and struck out six. It truly showed the majesty of Ace.

The batters hit 16 long and short hits, lightening Won Tae-in’s shoulders. Korea defeated China 8-1 and will clash with Taiwan for the gold medal on the 7th. 

Won Tae-in, who met with reporters after the game, said, “(March 13) I wanted revenge because I did not have a good result in the WBC 1st round match against China (1 inning, 3 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, 2 runs). “It was a game we had to win at all costs, and I went on the mound with a sense of responsibility rather than pressure.” 

China, which had been on the outskirts of baseball, caused a stir by beating Japan 1-0 on the 3rd and advanced to the Super Round as first place in Group A by winning all three games. It was truly a surprise. Won Tae-in said, “Beating Japan means that they are not an easy opponent to face. “He knew that his offense wasn’t that good, so he went into the game thinking that he could win if he didn’t let his guard down,” he explained. 

In his first match against Hong Kong on the 1st, he showed off a perfect pitch with 4 innings, no runs, and 8 strikeouts. He said, “I have been in good condition since the first game, and according to the power analysis, I thought I could use my strength in the beginning of today’s game, so I mainly threw fast balls.” “In international competitions, I tend to throw with strength rather than speed control, but the coach cut me off at a good time,” he said. 

Won Tae-in’s highest speed on this day was 152 km. He said, “I was pumped with adrenaline and I had a strong belief that I couldn’t lose, so I put all my effort into it, but I think my speed came out well.” He added,카지노 “Rather than speed, my goal was to not give up walks, and I’m satisfied that I played without a walk.” 

Also, “Going into today’s game, I had a strong desire to play as long an inning as possible and give Pil Seung-jo some rest. I feel good that that happened. “I will cheer hard from the bench tomorrow and make sure we win the gold medal,” he added. 

Won Tae-in, who set the only goal of winning the gold medal ahead of this tournament, said, “All of the players have a strong desire to get revenge for losing in their first match against Taiwan. After losing that day, we all agreed in a mobile messenger group chat room, saying, ‘Let’s get revenge by advancing to the finals.’ “I definitely want to win a gold medal,” he emphasized. 

Won Tae-in continued, “If the batters succeed in scoring first like they did today, I think they will be able to lead the team comfortably because the mound is so solid. “In the last game, we lost the momentum because we gave up the first point, but if we score first, we can easily win,” 

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