Additional rest days only if we go straight to the quarterfinals… The reason why Chu Il Seung-ho pledged to win the Korea-Japan match [Hangzhou AG]

 “I have never lost in a match between Korea and Japan that I have played in. I want to continue that record.” The

Korean men’s basketball team, participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, defeated Qatar on the 28th and won two consecutive games in the group stage. 카지노사이트 After winning, key guard Kim Seon-hyung said this. Now is the time to make that promise a reality.

The men’s basketball team, led by coach Chu Il-seung, will play the third game of the Group D preliminary round against its archrival Japan at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, at 12 noon on the 30th.

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ is also a game between Korea and Japan that cannot be lost, but there is another reason why they must catch each other.

The team that wins this game will secure first place in the group with three consecutive wins and advance directly to the quarterfinals, but the team that loses will be ranked second in the group and will have to play in the round of 12 tournament. Korea desperately needs a win as the first-place team has the advantage of being able to get enough rest.

Concerns arose in Korea as key players were leaving one after another ahead of this tournament. Yeo Jun-seok and Lee Hyun-joong, who are playing overseas, were unable to join, and KBL’s renowned forwards Moon Seong-gon and Song Kyo-chang were missing due to injury. Choi Jun-yong, who is widely used in offense and defense, was also not called up to the national team.

Coach Chu Il-seung, who pursues forward basketball, is also in trouble. He had to find another way, and eventually he announced his intention to use his tactics around guard-centered, fast basketball. In Korea, this is also a method frequently used by Seoul SK.

And Korea had a blast by defeating Indonesia 95-55 in the first game and then defeating Qatar 76-64. The players also seem to be gaining confidence as they go on a winning streak. Heo Hoon, who became the national team’s ace in name and reality, held the center of gravity well, and veteran guard Kim Seon-hyung also contributed to the victory with his altoran-like performance.

Ha Yoon-ki, the next-generation big man in Korean basketball, also rose to prominence. Ha Yoon-ki, who has shown great potential, is firmly protecting the Korean goal. In the second game, he contributed to the victory with 14 points and 6 rebounds. As of now, it is evaluated that he is comparable to Kim Jong-gyu, a senior member of the national team. Through this competition, a generational change is occurring naturally.

There is a need to continue the momentum of two consecutive wins until the Korea-Japan match. Japan secured a ticket to the Paris Olympics finals by ranking 19th, the highest among Asian teams, in the recently held Basketball World Cup. In the world rankings, it ranks 26th, far ahead of Korea, which ranks 51st.

However, in the Hangzhou tournament, many key players were left out and the national team was made up of young players in their 20s. Although they won two games in a row, they are seen as struggling in the group stage, so it is assessed that they are far from the top level. This is a fight Korea is well worth fighting.

If Korea defeats Japan and advances directly to the quarterfinals, the quarterfinals will be held on October 3rd after a two-day break. On the other hand, if they lose, they will rest for just one day and then advance to the round of 12 on October 2nd.

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