Mickelson: “The truth about gambling addiction… “Overcome with family strength”

Phil Mickelson (pictured), a famous American golf player who lost $100 million over 30 years at a time when it was “at a level that I couldn’t control,” revealed his gambling addiction to the public and confessed that he was able to overcome it with the help of his family.메이저사이트

On the 19th (Korean time), Mickelson revealed on his Mickelson’s gambling addiction has been made public by golf journalist Alan Shipnock and professional gambler Billy Walters since last year. In particular, Walters, who confessed that he had been in a partnership with Mickelson since 2008, sharing half the profits, published his autobiography last month and revealed that Mickelson had spent $1 billion (approximately 1.33 trillion won) over the past 30 years due to his gambling addiction, of which $100 million. He claimed to have squandered (132.8 billion won), which shocked many golf fans.

Mickelson, who remained silent about their claims, left a long post on X. He claimed, “I have gone beyond the level of self-control and have fallen to the level of addiction,” and added, “I should not mistake those who seem to be helping me but are actually ruining me for friends.” It appears that Mickelson was referring to Walters, who recently criticized his gambling addiction.

Mickelson cited his wife, Amy, as the force that helped him overcome his gambling addiction. “Her wife loved and supported me even through the hardest times,” Mickelson said. “I don’t think she would have been able to get through it without my wife,” he wrote, adding, “In my experience, the moments she shared with her loved ones were much more memorable than when she won the bet.”

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