Wainwright, who achieved 200 wins, received fan service in his last home game?

Adam Wainwright (42, St. Louis Cardinals), who achieved his 200th career win in front of his home crowd after many twists and turns, is now preparing for retirement.

The Athletic reported on the 20th (Korean time) that Wainwright will not start in the upcoming away game against the San Diego Padres.토토사이트

St. Louis will play a three-game away game against San Diego from the 23rd to the 25th. In terms of starting lineup, Wainwright is scheduled to play in the second game on the 24th.

However, Wainwright appears to be skipping this game because he already succeeded in reaching his 200th win against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 19th.

The media also added that when Wainwright takes the mound again, it will be in the home game against the Cincinnati Reds, which will be held from the 30th to October 2nd.

Wainwright started against Milwaukee on the 19th and pitched his best pitch of the season, pitching 7 scoreless innings, achieving his 200th career win.

As a result, there is no longer any reason to climb the mound. 

Wainwright pitched 101 innings in 21 games this season until the last game against Milwaukee, recording 5 wins, 11 losses, and an average ERA of 7.40. Very poor season.

Accordingly, the possibility of retiring without achieving 200 wins was raised. However, Wainwright recently retired after achieving his final goal by winning two consecutive games.

his is a retirement season for Wainwright, and St. Louis’ chances of advancing to the postseason are virtually gone.

If Wainwright starts the home game against Cincinnati, it will be a service to the home fans at Busch Stadium.

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