North Korean soccer, unveiled after 4 years!


North Korean soccer, which had been shrouded in mystery for about four years, finally made its appearance at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

소닉카지노For the first time, KBS cameras captured the images and training of North Korean players ahead of their first group match against Taiwan tomorrow.

Reporter Shin Soobin reported from Jinhua, China.


This is a hotel in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, 140km away from Hangzhou.

Even entering the entrance is not free.

[“(Is ​​this a hotel?) Please show me your car pass and person pass. No. Please wait.”] The

entire hotel is blocked with no water leaks, and all eight national teams participating in this tournament are here.

In this accommodation, along with our athletes, the North Korean athletes are also staying.

The North Korean athletes who arrived here on the night of the 15th are not easily seen due to tight security.

The North Korean players came out of the hotel 30 minutes before official training.

Most of them waited for the bus heading to the training center wearing masks and then got on one by one.

The North Korean national team, which entered full-scale training, lightly warmed up and prepared its battle line.

[“Put it down, put it down!”]

By encouraging each other loudly, they strengthened their resolve to return to the international stage for the first time since November 2019.

North Korea will appear in the Asian Games starting with its first match against Taiwan on Tuesday.

We reached the quarterfinals at the Jakarta Palembang tournament, and we aim to go even further in this tournament.

In addition to soccer, with about 60 North Korean athletes already entering the country, the arrival of cheering squads and high-level delegations is becoming a topic of interest in the international community.

This is Shin Soobin of KBS News from Evolution.

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