NC Oh Young-soo, who learned to push through ‘letting go,’ said, “The goal is to complete the season without injury… “I definitely want to go to PS” [MK Interview]

“I think that if I put it down a little and do it with the mindset of, ‘Since when did I start being good at it?’, good results will follow. “I really want to stand on the postseason stage at least once.”

‘Letting go’ was behind the performance of Oh Young-soo, who has been hitting hard every day recently.

Oh Young-soo, who was nominated by NC at number 19 overall in the second round in 2018, is a right-handed pitcher and a left-handed pitcher, and is a resource that can play first and third base as well as right field. His slugging ability was considered his strength, and he only played in 14 games in 2018-2019, but last year, after returning from military service in Sangmu, he played in 83 games and showed off his presence by recording a batting average of 0.238 (55 hits in 231 at-bats), 6 home runs, and 31 RBIs.

Oh Young-soo was expected to show even more improvement this year. But he couldn’t smile until mid-season. He was expunged from the first team entry in May due to inflammation in the back of his right knee. After improving his physical condition in the Futures (Second Division) League, he returned to the 1st Division in August, but was sent back to the 2nd Division due to poor performance.

Oh Young-soo, whom we met ahead of the Changwon Samsung Lions game on the 15th, said, “Actually, it was hard to watch baseball at that time. “It hurt not only physically but also mentally,” he said. “But at some point, I accepted it.” From then on, I became very motivated. “Even if it took longer, I thought a lot about preparing more thoroughly,” he said, looking back on the difficult times.

Did you say that trials make people stronger? The time spent in the 2nd team was a great help to Oh Young-soo. He said, “I felt a lot from the Futures League. “He tried to spend a lot of time alone,” he said. “There were many good players. “I tried to find out how those players train,” he explained.

At the same time, Oh Young-su said, “I tried to learn the areas I was lacking with the thought, ‘How is that player good at that part? How can I do that well?’ (Park)소닉카지노 Joo-chan, who is currently playing well, talked a lot with his older brother and coach Cho Young-hoon. “I also tried to improve my weak point of defense,” he added.

The desperate Oh Young-soo returned to the first team at the end of August, and is swinging a bat as if to blow away his sorrow. As of before the game on the 16th, his September batting average reached a whopping 0.515. The secret behind Oh Young-soo’s performance was ‘letting go’, which he realized after a period of hard work.

He said, “I lowered my expectations of myself. Without realizing it, I was thinking, ‘I have to do this much, I have to do it to a certain extent.’ As a result, I felt a sense of pressure and at the same time, I became very stressed about not being able to hit one or two at-bats. So, I am putting it down a little and thinking, ‘Since when did I become good at it?’ I am focusing on what I can do well. “It seems to be producing good results,” he said.

Oh Young-soo continued, “I didn’t get off to a good start when there were stairs, but I couldn’t climb up to the 10th floor. Those processes are necessary, but I think I tried to get there too quickly. I tried to do what I could do well, step by step. “I also realized that it would be more helpful to the team,” he said, nodding his head.

As I let go and started pushing lightly, good results started coming one after another. Oh Young-su said, “I didn’t know, but I had good contact skills. Coach Song Ji-man also said, ‘You have good contact skills and are good at hitting outside balls, so let’s start by pushing. So, I decided to give it a try in all situations. As a result, I got better,” he said with a bright smile.

In particular, Oh Young-soo has been hitting a series of pure hits in important situations that could have an impact on the outcome of recent games.

When asked about this secret, he said, “There really isn’t any. I just let it go and lowered my expectations of myself, and everything seems to help me. “I step into the batter’s box without any greed and just follow the flow and adapt to the situation,” he said with a sheepish smile.

Oh Young-soo’s performance is a great joy to the NC Futures team. He remembers (NC Futures) coach Gong Pil-seong, coaches, players, and managers. Maybe it’s because we’ve been producing good results lately, but I often get calls telling me I’m doing well. “I think it’s because they all know what kind of time I had in the 2nd team,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Because the difficult period due to injury has been long, one of Oh Young-soo’s goals for the remainder of the year is to finish the season without injury. He said, “I want to finish without any major injuries. This year was a personal blow due to an injury early in the season. “The biggest goal is to have no injuries for the rest of the season,” he emphasized.

Oh Young-soo’s team, 3rd place NC, currently has 65 wins, 2 draws, and 53 losses, and is chasing 2nd place KT Wiz (67 wins, 3 draws, 54 losses) by 0.5 games, and is playing fall baseball for the first time in 3 years since 2020 (when they won the combined championship at the time). Aiming to advance.

Oh Young-soo said, “I really want to stand on the postseason stage at least once. Even the guys who experienced it said that they get nervous as soon as they see the (postseason) flag. “He said it felt like a weekend home game,” he said. “I’m curious what it’s like.” “I really want to stand on that stage,” his eyes sparkled.

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