Ulsan Hong Myung-bo, who can’t smile… Victory is visible only after passing Daejeon.

Ulsan Hyundai, which was weak against Daejeon this season,
only had one point in two head-to-head matches.
The players called up for the international match
were burdened with fatigue. Daejeon, which was on the rise, is now in 8th place, and
the competition between Thiago and Min-gyu Joo for the top scorer is also on the rise.

소닉카지노 The ‘promoted team’ Daejeon Hana Citizen’s defeat of leader Ulsan Hyundai, which had been on a six-game winning streak since the opening last April, is considered one of the biggest upsets of the season.

In Daejeon’s second match against Ulsan, the game ended in a draw amid a stalemate in which 6 goals were scored. Daejeon, which has not lost against Ulsan, meets Ulsan again this weekend.

Daejeon and Ulsan will play round 30 of professional soccer K-League 1 at Munsu Stadium, Ulsan’s home stadium, at 7 p.m. on the 16th.

When they first met in Daejeon on April 16, Daejeon defeated Ulsan 2-1. Ulsan’s offensive continued in the second half, but Daejeon maintained the two goals scored in the first half and won three points.

Ball possession was tight between Daejeon and Ulsan, 49% to 51%. With the victory that day, Daejeon moved up to second place. Ulsan was caught up in Daejeon and lost its 7th consecutive win right before their eyes.

In the second game played at Ulsan’s home on May 28, Daejeon’s own goal was scored in the 20th minute of the first half, giving Ulsan the lead, but 4 minutes later, Leandro’s equalizer followed by Massa’s multiple goals gave Daejeon a 3-1 lead in an instant. went out

Ulsan striker Ju Min-gyu scored consecutive goals in the 32nd and 43rd minutes of the second half, bringing the game back to square one.

Ulsan took the lead in possession of the ball at 73%, but looking at the result of the game, Daejeon played an efficient game.

Daejeon, which shows a strong showing only when it meets Ulsan, must win this third match to aim to enter Final A (1st to 6th), the top split.

Daejeon maintained its top ranking at 2nd to 4th place at the beginning of the season, but began to stagnate in June and soon fell to 8th place (37 points).

With only 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 3 games, the gap with 9th place Jeju United (35 points) has narrowed to 2 points.

Ulsan needs a turnaround after losing 0-2 to Gwangju FC, the ‘promoted team’ that played the leading role in the K-League sensation, in the 29th round, but the situation is not easy.

Seol Young-woo and Jeong Seung-hyun, who were called up to the international match in September, started in both the matches against Wales and Saudi Arabia and played 90 minutes without being replaced. Kim Young-kwon, Cho Hyun-woo, and Lee Dong-kyung, who were also called up, also traveled to Europe, so there is a burden of having to play the weekend game while fatigued.

If Ulsan (61 points) loses this game, it could allow a last-minute upset by the second-place Pohang Steelers (53 points), so both teams are expected to fight fiercely for 3 points.

Another point to watch is the competition for top scorer between Ulsan Ju Min-gyu and Daejeon Thiago. Both players are tied for first place in K League 1 scoring with 13 goals. The match is expected to be decided based on which of the two is in the best condition to knock on the opponent’s goal.

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