“I tried to refrain from doing it…” Why NC commanders are upset with strike calls.

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NC manager Kang Myung-ho revealed the reason why he came out of the dugout the day before to protest the call.

In the seventh inning of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ game against Lotte at Sajik Stadium in Busan on April 2, Kang Myung-ho came out of the dugout to protest the call after Kwon Hee-dong struck out.

Kwon was working a full count at the plate, and when Koo Seung-min’s six-pitch 132-kilometer forkball went outside, Kwon thought it was a ball and didn’t swing, but Koo called it a strike and struck out.

Manager Kang Myung-hwa then came onto the field and protested to Koo, and they argued. There was no physical altercation. Kang protested for a while and eventually returned to the dugout.

It was a disappointing call for NC. NC faced a 3-6 deficit in the top of the seventh inning, and if Kwon Hee-dong, the No. 2 hitter, had singled to center field, they could have increased their chances of scoring. However, Kwon Hee-dong struck out, and NC was unable to score until the ninth inning and had to accept a 3-6 loss.

Ahead of the next day’s game against Sajik Lotte, Kwon spoke about why he protested the previous day’s call. “For the most part, I was thinking of refraining from protesting strike and ball calls,” Kang said. “Yesterday, I thought we would be able to overcome the three-run deficit by connecting to the center field line when the leadoff hitter went out, but one call changed the atmosphere, so I thought I should point it out.”

Of course, it’s not as if Kang doesn’t understand the umpires’ struggles. “It’s impossible to accurately see more than 300 balls a day,” he said, “but I don’t think the mood should change with one ball.”

NC had a difficult game as their trusted ace, Eric Peddie, gave up five runs on nine hits in four innings. It was the first time since his KBO debut that Pedi gave up five runs in a game. Peddie, who had been pitching dominantly, seemed to have descended from the ‘heavenly realm’ for a moment.

“Looking at his tracking data, there wasn’t much change,” Kang said. His sweeper had a slightly lower vertical movement, which may have been affected by the hot weather. It was almost the same as when it was good. However, it looks like the inflection point was well hit. Pedi said before the game that it was ‘hot’. I think the Lotte batters prepared well. You can’t throw perfectly all the time,” he said of his pitching.

NC is currently in fifth place with a record of 44 wins, 43 losses and one tie (winning percentage of .506). It will be interesting to see if NC can punch their ticket to fall baseball as they continue to fight for the top spot. “The players have been fighting hard and well, so we can fight for the top spot. In the future, the first thing is not to get injured,” he said, adding, “I think a 5 percent win rate will be the baseline. We don’t know what will happen until the end.”

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