“There’s no need to be sorry, it’s not strange” Benjamin was perfect, but admitted it! “Because he is the best hitter” [Oh! Strong Incheon]

토토사이트KT Wiz foreign pitcher Wes Benjamin acknowledged SSG Landers’ main hitter Choi Jeong, calling him “the best hitter.” There is a reason why Benjamin said this.

KT won 3-0 in the 16th game of the season against SSG Landers of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th.

The game was tight until the fifth inning of the day thanks to good pitching from both teams’ starting pitchers. SSG ‘Ace’ Gwang-Hyeon Kim washed away the humiliation of being judged early by allowing 4 runs in 3⅔ innings in an away game against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 6th.

He competed with Benjamin as the starting pitcher with a scoreless pitch through 5 innings, but went into the 6th inning and gave up 1 run, his 7th loss of the season (7 wins), but he did his part. Because the opposing starter pitched so overwhelmingly, there was no chance of victory.

The SSG batting line met Benjamin and fell silent. SSG’s batting line met Benjamin twice previously and scored points in both cases. On April 20th, he scored 6 runs in 6 innings to hand Benjamin the loss. Afterwards, on May 2, he lost the win to Benjamin, but scored 3 runs in 6 innings.

Benjamin’s last two games against SSG were not good, allowing 9 runs in 12 innings. But his third appearance was completely different.

In the first inning, Benjamin caught leadoff hitter Choi Ji-hoon on a foul fly to third base, hit Kim Kang-min with a fly ball to center field, and struck out Choi Jeong. In the second inning, Heredia hit a line drive out to second base, Ha Jae-hoon hit a grounder to shortstop, and Kim Seong-hyun struck out. In the third inning, he continued pitching scoreless with two strikeouts.

He did not give up a single hit or walk until the 6th inning. Then, in the bottom of the 7th inning, the first batter, Choi Ji-hoon, was caught with a foul fly behind the catcher, and Kim Kang-min was dealt a fly ball to right field. Benjamin’s perfection was shattered when he met Choi Jeong.

Jeong Choi targeted Benjamin’s 5th pitch fastball and made a double to the left field line. Benjamin’s perfect no-hitter was broken. However, Heredia retreated with a ground ball to the second baseman, and KT’s 1-0 lead continued. Although this is just a conclusion, if Benjamin pitched a perfect pitch without giving up a hit to Choi Jeong, it would be the first time in the history of Korean professional baseball that this has happened.

Benjamin also said after the game, “I thought about being perfect around the 4th or 5th inning. But he also said, “He threw it without realizing it.”

He stayed on the mound until the 8th inning. The number of pitches until the 8th inning was 103. If you are willing, you can pitch until the 9th inning, but the bench is not overworked. Because there is also a next appearance.

Benjamin looked back on the situation where Perfect was broken and said, “I was in very good shape today.” SSG placed right-handed hitters from numbers 2 to 9, excluding Choi Ji-hoon, to target left-hander Benjamin, but it was no use.

Then, we lost a hit in the 7th inning. The opponent was Choi Jeong. He threw a fastball with 2 strikes and 2 balls, then delivered a double to the left field line.

Benjamin said, “I should have thrown the ball deep, but he was driven into the middle,” and added, “It is not strange to get a hit from Choi Jeong, the best hitter. “Choi Jeong did not miss the ball and hit it very well,” he admitted.

He also applauded Choi Jeong after finishing defense in the 7th inning. However, Benjamin said, “Choi Jeong came up to me and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ There is no need for that. He said hello and was surprised.”

Perfect was broken, but he could have aimed for a shutout. However, he looked back on the situation and said, “He thought about challenging for a shutout, but coach Lee Kang-cheol told him not to overdo it.” Benjamin had to be satisfied with his 15th win (5 losses) on this day, tying Despine and KT for the most wins ever.

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