‘LAD Emergency’ Urias arrested on domestic violence charges ‘out for the season?

메이저사이트The Los Angeles Dodgers’ quest for a World Series championship is in jeopardy. Julio Urias, 27, who was supposed to be the centerpiece of the starting rotation, has left the team amid allegations of domestic violence.

According to MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, Urias was arrested by police on Friday on suspicion of domestic violence.

It’s a charge of injury to a spouse. Urias is currently out of police custody on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 28.

This is the second time Urias has been arrested by police for domestic violence. He was previously arrested in May 2019 for domestic violence against his wife in a mall parking lot in Los Angeles.

Urias avoided charges at the time, but was suspended 20 games by Major League Baseball for violating the Domestic Violence Agreement.

This time, the punishment could be significantly higher. It’s very possible that Urias will miss the rest of the season, and possibly the postseason. There is also speculation that he could be banned from Major League Baseball.

No player has been suspended more than twice since Major League Baseball introduced its domestic violence policy in 2015.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have said they will not accompany Urias while they gather all the facts about this domestic violence allegation. The club may also discipline him on its own.

Julio Urias. Photo by Getty Images

Through May 5, Urias, an eighth-year major leaguer, had pitched 117 1/3 innings in 21 games this season, posting an 11-8 record and a 4.60 ERA.

That’s well below expectations. Add to that the domestic violence allegations. Urias was facing the worst possible situation as he approached free agency.

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