‘Hustle defense muscle injury return undecided’ 40 billion sai award pitcher, multi-win+strikeout competition ‘red light’

토토사이트Trevor Bauer of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon Professional Baseball has been placed on the disabled list due to injury. It is unclear when he will return. Bauer and the Yokohama organization are in contention for the wins and strikeout titles in their first year in Japan.

Bauer was removed from the first team roster on Jan. 1. According to Japanese media outlet Junichi Sports, “Yokohama announced that it has canceled Bauer’s player registration due to a distal right iliopsoas muscle injury. He was examined at a hospital in Yokohama city and learned of the injury. It was not announced how long it will take to recover due to the damage to the muscle that connects the upper and lower body.”

Bauer was injured on Aug. 30 in a game against the Hanshin Tigers when he made a hustle play on defense. In the third inning, Bauer attempted to make a sliding catch on a grounder that was hit just wide of third base, and from an unsteady position, he leapt up to make a jumping catch and fell to the ground. The throw to first put runners on second and third. He struck out the next batter to end the threat and did not allow a run, but was removed in the fourth inning.

Bauer, who has thrown six or more innings in his last 15 games and 100 or more pitches in 14 straight, allowed one run on three hits and two walks with two strikeouts in 55 pitches.

After the game, Yokohama manager Daisuke Miura explained the quick change by saying, “I felt discomfort in my right hip.”

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A medical examination revealed a more serious injury. According to Japanese media, Miura said, “We have removed Bauer from the first team, and it will take some time (for him to recover).” The Japanese outlet noted that torn muscles take a significant amount of time to heal, and it’s unclear if Bauer will return for the rest of the season.

“It happened during a play,” Miura said. It was a play where Bauer showed tenacity to get the out, and he got injured in this way. I told Bauer to focus on his recovery.”

Bauer, the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner, signed a $3 million contract with Yokohama this offseason to play in Japan. In July 2021, he was placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball for a year and a half after being accused of sexual assault. The case was dropped late last year, but the Los Angeles Dodgers released Bauer, who had one year left on his contract, ahead of this season.

Bauer made his Japan debut in May and is 10-4 with a 2.76 ERA and 130 strikeouts in 19 games. He is tied for second in wins and second in strikeouts.

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