“Training is serious, and when it’s over, we laugh”… a changed Sono

Day One acquisition turns the tide

Salary negotiations complete, salaries paid

Buffet meal at Sonokam Goyangseo Hotel

Director Kim Seung-ki: “I’ll reward you with grades”

카지노사이트 It was a day with a heat wave reaching 35 degrees. The auxiliary stadium of Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, was even hotter than outside. Sono, a professional basketball team from the Cat’s hometown, conducted intense training while sweating profusely. Coach Kim Seung-ki explains, “We have to be serious in training, just like in the real world.” “But when we finish training, we smile,” he says.

The term “cadet” is apt. The team wore Day One jerseys last season, but the organization ran into financial difficulties, and salaries for the players and front office were not paid for four to seven months. The restaurant where the team ate had accumulated trauma, and the gym rent was unpaid by 200 million won.

In June, the Korean Basketball League (KBL) held Day One accountable and suspended the team, leaving the organization in limbo. As the team was reeling, Sono stepped in. When Sono took over last month, everything changed.

Last month, Sono neatly finalized the salary negotiations and paid the salaries. He also finalized the roster of foreign players. Most notably, for the first time in KBL history, the team signed Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Now, I don’t have to fill my stomach while watching. Dine at Sonocam Goyang, a five-minute drive from Goyang Gymnasium. Hotel buffet. “The players love it because they can choose what they want to eat,” Kim said.

Due to the club’s dire financial situation, the team was unable to plan an overseas training camp for the 2023-2024 season. Instead, the team will travel to Hongcheon next month. The gymnasium at Vivaldi Park, operated by Daemyung Sono Group, will be renovated and used as a training camp. The urethane floor will be replaced with a wooden court made of the same material as the Goyang Gymnasium, and KBL-certified goals will be installed. The advantage is that the Sono team can use it as a domestic training ground at any time.

“The club gives us full support by accommodating all of our needs,” said Kim, “so we can focus on training without any worries.” Seo Jun-hyuk, chairman of Daemyung Sono Group, visited Goyang Gymnasium shortly after the club’s acquisition and promised to improve the facility, especially the training center.

“The owner said, ‘I believe in the coaching staff and players,’ and all employment was transferred,” said Kim. “I was worried about my livelihood and even my food, but now I am focusing on preparing for the next season without any distractions, and I will definitely repay you with results.”

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