Dodgers leave, disparage…trade pending after 6G, crash of 164km Thor

Noah “Thor”토토사이트 Syndergaard, 31, Cleveland Cavaliers, has been designated for assignment six games after being traded.

The Cleveland Cavaliers designated Syndergaard for assignment (DFA) following the team’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Aug. 28. If no team claims him during the waiver period, he can be assigned to the minors or become a free agent via outright release.

Syndergaard began the season with the Los Angeles Dodgers this year. After signing a one-year, $13 million free agent contract, he hoped for a resurgence with the Dodgers, but it didn’t happen. He struggled with a blistered finger and went 1-4 with a 7.16 ERA in 12 games (55⅓ innings). He was eventually traded to Cleveland for shortstop Ahmed Rosario on May 27.

After leaving the Dodgers, Syndergaard made some disparaging comments about the team. According to “” on March 28, Syndergaard said, “There was too much hype the last two years. A lot of people thought they could fix me, and maybe some of them were right, but it wasn’t communicated to me properly.” “My time with the Dodgers didn’t go as planned. It’s disappointing because I didn’t become the pitcher I wanted to be.”

He tried to bounce back in Cleveland, but it wasn’t easy. In six games (33⅓ innings) since the trade, Syndergaard hasn’t rebounded, going 1-2 with a 5.40 ERA. On April 28, he struggled in Toronto, giving up five runs on four hits (three homers) in six innings with three walks and three strikeouts, and was designated for assignment after the game.

Syndergaard’s overall record this year is 2-6 with a 6.50 ERA in 18 games. He’s allowed 22 home runs in 88⅔ innings, a staggering 2.23 home runs per nine innings. However, his 5.68 strikeouts per nine innings is a career low. He’s a power pitcher who used to compete with his hard stuff, but now that his velocity is down, he’s getting hit hard.

[Photo] Noah Syndergaard with the Los Angeles Dodgers. ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

[Photo] Noah Syndergaard with the New York Mets. ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

Syndergaard, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound right-hander, made his debut with the Mets in 2015. A root-fireballer who tops out at 102 mph (164.2 km/h) in his prime, he finished fourth in the National League (NL) Rookie of the Year voting in his rookie year in 2015, going 14-9 with a 2.60 ERA and 218 strikeouts in 31 games (183⅔ innings) and earning an eighth-place Cy Young Award.

His long blond hair and muscular physique earned him the nickname “Thor,” a reference to the Marvel movie character. He was a solid starter for the Mets through 2019, but his career took a downturn after he underwent Tommy John surgery in March 2020. He lost his fiery fastball and his command dropped, and his main weapon, a high-speed slider, was never the same.

This year, his four-seam fastball averaged 92.3 mph (148.5 km/h), down 6.4 mph (10.3 km/h) from his peak of 98.7 mph (158.8 km/h) in 2016. The average velocity of sliders, which reached 92.3 mph (148.5 km) in 2017, also dropped 7.2 mph (11.6 km) to 85.1 mph (137.0 km) this year. His velocity isn’t what it used to be and his pitching style hasn’t changed, turning him into a below-average pitcher. Read more at /

[Photo] Noah Syndergaard of the Cleveland Cavaliers. ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

[Photo] Noah Syndergaard of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Getty Images (All rights reserved)

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