Why did Lee Dae-sung and Lee Hyun-jung mention Choi Jun-yong in their pre-departure press conference?

Choi Jun-yong also dreams of going overseas.

Lee Dae-sung (193 cm, G) and Lee Hyun-jung 토토사이트(202 cm, F) held a press conference at the Hilton Garden Inn Seoul on February 2.

Lee averaged 18.1 points last season, the highest average among Korean players. After the season, Lee became a free agent and wanted to play overseas, so he signed with Shihosuzu Mika in Japan’s B League.

Lee Hyun-jung also wanted to play in the NBA after graduating from Davidson College, but he was injured just before the 2022-2023 NBA Draft and fell in the draft. Hyunjoong didn’t give up and tried to make a name for himself by playing in the G League and Summer League before signing with the Illawarra Hawks in Australia.

Both players gave a press conference before their departure to share their aspirations. Both players were interviewed at different times. However, there was one player they both mentioned in common. It was Choi Jun-yong (200 cm, F) of KCC in Jeonju, who made a surprise move in free agency.

Choi is considered one of the best players in the KBL. In the 2021-2022 season, he led his team to the overall title and won the regular season MVP award. Although he didn’t play much last season due to injury, he did his part when he did.

Like Lee Hyun-jung and Lee Dae-sung, Choi Jun-yong was eager to play abroad, so his move was also highly anticipated. However, Choi’s choice was not to go abroad, but to perform domestically.

Lee Dae-sung said, “I thought (Choi) would hold a press conference with Jun-yong. I talked to him a lot in the second half of the season, and until then, I thought we were going to go overseas together. (Laughs) We talked about that a lot. (Lee) Hyunjoong is there, and Junyong is in Taebaek. Next year, at this point in time, I hope Junyong will be able to share his aspirations at a place like this.”

Hyunjoong added, “Jun Yong-i is a top player in the KBL. He wants to go abroad too. He asks me a lot about living abroad. When I meet with him, we watch highlights of NBA players and say, ‘We want to be like that. Every player gains a lot from playing against players who are better than them,” he said, referring to Choi Jun-yong.

Although he chose KCC, Choi Jun-yong also said at the KCC signing press conference, “I personally had a dream to go to the United States, and KCC respected my dream too much. They told me that if I produce results in Korea, the team will help me go to the U.S.” He never let go of his dream of going overseas. This is why Choi’s next move is highly anticipated.

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