“Supporting the challenge of my rival and friend Ye Rim Yi”…Lee Yoon-jung with a heavy shoulder, used to be a rookie king, now a winning setter…What next?

“I have my next goal.”

토스카지노 Korea Expressway Corporation setter Lee Yoon-jung, 26, has an unusual story. After graduating from Suwon Jeonsan Girls’ High School (now Hanbom High School), she went undrafted and played for the unemployment team Suwon City Hall for five years.

After being drafted by a road construction company through the 2021 rookie draft, Lee was named the Rookie of the Year that season. Not only that, but Lee was also the starting setter for the Roadrunners, who won the first reverse sweep in V-League history last season. She is changing V-League history one by one.

Photo (Gimcheon)=Reporter Lee Jeong-won

Photo via Korea Expressway Corporation SNS
When we met at the Korea Expressway Corporation’s practice gym in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk, on the 22nd of this month, Lee said, “When I started to realize something, the coach said, ‘Yoon Jung-ah, get a grip. Next season is more important’ (laughs). “I could only dream of winning the Rookie of the Year or the championship, and I thought, ‘Can I really do it?’ But I was so lucky to feel so good. But I was so lucky that I had one good situation after another. It feels good,” she smiled.

Lee’s shoulders will be heavy next season as well. Her teammate Ahn Yerim left for KGC Ginseng through a trade. Last season, the two players were responsible for the setters of the Road Corporation. They talked to each other a lot and relied on hard training to survive. When Ahn Yerim left on the 22nd, Lee Yoon-jung was in tears.

“Our setter training is really hard compared to other teams. The coaches always say that the setter position is important. It’s important, so me and Ye Rimi talked a lot about it. We’re rivals, but we’re also friends. It’s a little bit hard, but I want to support her in her new challenge.”

There are other team changes as well. Main hitter Park Jung-ah and veteran middle blocker Jung Dae-young left for Pepper Savings Bank and GS Caltex through free agency, respectively.

Photo by Kim Young-gu

Photo courtesy of KOVO
He said, “With the departure of Jung Ah and Dae Young, we lost height and offense. “We are practicing to show a variety of plays, such as backward attacks and fast breaks, so please look forward to them.” He added, “The new players are working hard to show a variety of plays. The newcomer Vanya Vukiric is also a tall player, so I’m looking forward to hitting everything as long as I utilize the height of the ball well.”

“Of course, Jung-ah’s offense has been so good that there will be a gap. But I think the coach is the same and we cover our weaknesses with defense and reception. If we have good results in receiving, we will have good results in offense.”

His goal for the upcoming season is to be named one of the league’s best seven setters.

“I want to win the best setter award, and for that, I need to improve my set percentage,” he said. “I was confident in my first year, but I think I didn’t realize it. The second year was about getting used to the league. Now, in my third year, I have a different mindset. Even though I touch the ball all the time, it always feels different. I think this season is really important. I want to finish well and without any injuries.”

Photo courtesy of KOVO
After graduating from high school, you spent five years in the unemployment team. Some might say that five years is a waste of time, but for Lee Yoon-jung, the five years she spent there were invaluable.

“Of course, there’s more to learn from a professional. “Of course, there is more to learn from the pros,” she says, “but there is also plenty to learn from the unemployment team. In my case, the head coach of Suwon City Hall (Kang Min-sik) was a former setter, so he taught me a lot of things. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. Even now, when I contact him, he is proud of me. I think he’s proud that he raised me,” he laughed.

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