Hwaseong City U-15 wins Geumgangsong Autumn Secondary Football Championship ‘Season V2’

Moon Seung-jun and Lee Seung-woo score back-to-back goals to beat Seoul Jungdong 2-1
Moon Seung-jun won MVP, Cho Yubin won Offense, and Han Bum-woo won GK.토토사이트

Hwaseong U-15 pose for a photo after winning the large group at the 2023 Uljin Geumgangsong Autumn Secondary Football Tournament.Courtesy of Hwaseong U-15

Hwaseong U-15 won the Daegeun Group of the 2023 Uljin Geumgangsong Autumn Secondary School Football Tournament, becoming the second team to win the title in a season.

Hwaseong City U-15, led by head coach Choi Sung-ju, won the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Seoul Jungbu Middle School in the final at Uljin Yeonho Football Stadium on Wednesday, winning their second title of the season after winning the Tamlagi National Middle School Football Tournament in February.

On the day, Hwaseong U-15 set the tone with an early goal. In the fourth minute of the match, Kim Yoon-sang, who was the kicker, sent a sharp cross to Moon Seung-jun, who jumped up and hit the ball with his head to shake the goal.

Jungkook also launched an onslaught. In the 13th minute, Ryu Hyung-joo’s cross from the corner of the penalty box was headed by Seo In-yong, but it went just wide of the goal.

In the midst of the fierce offense, Hwaseong U-15 scored another goal. In the 25th minute, Kim Jin-seo won the ball in the midfield and passed it to Shim Seung-hyun. After breaking through the flank, Shim sent a low cross that was blocked by a defender and Lee Seung-woo calmly slid it in with his left foot to make it 2-0.

Hwaseong U-15 continued to attack in the second half, but conceded a penalty kick in the 28th minute when Moon Seung-jun stopped Jung Jung-joong’s breakthrough inside the penalty box. In the 30th minute of the second half, Kang Gun-young, who took the kick, calmly converted.

Hwaseong U-15 had several close calls in the remaining minutes, including an opponent’s shot hitting the post, but they held on to their one-goal lead to win the match.

“I’m grateful to the players for working hard and achieving the valuable result of winning the championship and the double title,” said Choi Sung-joo, head coach of Hwaseong U-15. “I think our players understood the tactics we ordered before the game and analyzed the opponent’s team well, which led to the good result.”

Meanwhile, Hwaseong U-15 captain Moon Seung-jun won the best player award, Cho Yubin won the best offense award, Han Bum-woo won the best goalkeeper award, and coach Choi Sung-joo and Kang Jung-wook won the best manager and best coach awards.

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