‘2 keypasses + longpass 100% success + 7.4 rating’…’Monster’ Kim Min-jae has no adaptation period

The ‘monster defender’ didn’t need an adjustment period. ‘Serie A’s best defender’ Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich) has settled into the German game.

Bayern Munich defeated Werder Bremen 4-0 in the opening match of the 2023-2024 Bundesliga season at the Weserstadion in Bremen, Germany, at 3:30 a.m. on Monday (Sept. 19). The win extends Munich’s unbeaten streak to 12 opening matches (10 wins and two draws) since the 2012-2013 season.

Munich started with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Harry Kane, Kingsley Coman, Jamal Musa, Leroy Sane, Leon Goretzka, Jozua Kimmich, Alfonso Davies, Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, Nusair Mazhrawi, and Sven Ulreich started.

Kim and Kane received the most attention before the game. A day ahead of the match, Munich released an official poster on the club’s social media, announcing the opening match with the words “For the Kingdom! Tomorrow, our title defense begins in Bremen”. The poster featured a picture of Kimmich, Matthias Der Licht, Kim Min-jae, and Kane on a raft, paddling through the water.

Munich even took to social media with the duo of Kim and Kane. They shared photos of the pair in training, emphasizing that they were “preparing for the Bundesliga opener,” and posted a photo of the pair passing the ball just before kickoff. After the game, Kim posted a poster of Kim and Kane standing side-by-side in front of the camera, wishing them “good luck on their Bundesliga debut.”

[Photo] Kim Min-jae whispering with Harry Kane ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

[Photo] Dayo Upamecano ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

Kim lived up to expectations, forming a central defense alongside Upamecano to take on last season’s top scoring duo of Niklas Fühlkrug-Marvin Duchesne. At times, he struggled to keep up with the 6-foot-3 hulk, but overall it was a performance worthy of applause.스포츠토토

Munich scored just three minutes into the match. Kim Min-jae cleared the ball off the line, and after playing a one-two with Kane, Januzaj sprinted in to head home the opening goal. It was Kane’s first offensive point in the Bundesliga.

From there, Munich pushed up the line and took control of the game. The Bavarians pressed forward with seven or eight men, excluding Kim Min-jae and Upamecano, to harass Bremen. It showed how much Thomas Tuchel believes in the duo.

The pressure was on, and a mistake could mean a goal. However, Kim Min-jae used his precise line control and explosive pace to nip the danger in the bud. He drew Jens Staage offside in the 38th minute with a split-second line as he tried to find space behind the defense.

The final six minutes of the game were particularly impressive. As Marvin Duchesne, who he was marking, tried to slip behind him, Kim quickly raised his line to draw him offside. He didn’t stop there, quickly catching up to Duchesne and clearing the ball away with a precise tackle to cut off any chance. Kim Min-jae took down Dukshu twice in one fell swoop.

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (All rights reserved)

[Photo] Bayern Munich social media.

Kim also made his presence felt in the attack. He showed off his passing skills in the 26th minute when he delivered a perfect long pass to the feet of Coman, who found space in the back left, and continued to play a key role in the buildup.

He also had a shot on target. Kim Min-jae showed off his high strike rate in the 45th minute, heading home a cross from Kim Mihi. With a bit of luck, it could have been his debut goal, but unfortunately, the ball was headed straight at the keeper.

However, he was still not at 100 percent. Kim was shown a yellow card in the ninth minute of the second half for a foul in a tussle with Fulkruk, and in the 19th minute he gave away possession after a good cut in the defense. With a caution, Kim Min-jae finished his duties in the 22nd minute when he was replaced by Matthijs de Licht. It was a decision that took into account his physical condition and the fact that he had one red card.

[Photo: Harry Kane with Kiminjae after a fine debut for Bayern Munich / Bayern Munich Social Media

The 68th minute was enough to earn a passing grade. According to soccer statistics outlet Footmob, he completed 94% of his passes (68/72), made two key passes, 100% of his long passes (4/4), had one shot on target, two clearances, seven recoveries, and one caution. His rating was 7.4, tied with partner Upamecano. Der Licht, who came on in place of Kim Min-jae, had a 6.1 rating.

The highest-rated player was Davies (9.2) with two assists, followed by Zane (9.0) with a multi-goal game and Kane (8.7) with one goal and one assist. Both ‘freshman duo’ Kim Min-jae and Kane were pleased with their Bundesliga debuts and are looking forward to the future.

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