[Top Play] ‘Heavy rain ceremony’ in front of Ronaldo: ‘Are you provoking me?

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How does Ronaldo react when he sees an opposition player performing a ‘downpour’?

Find out in the top play.

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It’s the final of the Arab Club Championship.

메이저놀이터 Al Hilal scores the first goal, but after a long run, he decides to perform a rain gesture.

Could this have fuelled Ronaldo’s competitive spirit?

Ronaldo equalises himself in the 29th minute of the second half.

And look at this expression.

He’s pointing the finger at his opponent.

And then, one-on-one in extra time.

And then he scores the winning goal with a header that hits the post.

And a 2-1 win!

Ronaldo wins his first title since moving to Saudi Arabia.

= = = =

Next up, the Premier League.

Martinelli spins in from the flank and this leads to Nketiah’s goal.

Martinelli’s individual effort after beating two defenders was a real treat.

Add in Xhaka’s wind-up goal and Arsenal take all three points from their opening game.

= = = =

Let’s turn our attention to the Dutch Utrecht goalkeeper.

He narrowly saves a one-on-one and then flings himself out of the way of the ensuing shot.

It’s not just a super save, it’s a superman save.

Top play so far.

Video editing: Yeo Jin-jin

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